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Feb 17, 2008 02:26 PM

bay area SF chocolate

Being raised on mostly SEE's candies, and HERSHEY all my life, I was surprised to know scharffenberger chocolates made in Berkeley, CA., Wondering if they are any good, I really don't like dark chocolate, mostly milk chocolate lover myself. Is it comparable to Ghirardelli??? I like anything with nuts, or mint mostly. Thanks,, Chowhounders.:)

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  1. Scharffenberger is a very good chocolate. However, I'm a dark chocolate lover. I can't vouch for their milk.

    1. Their milk chocolate is very good, among the best milk chocolates I have had. Definitely several notches above Ghirardelli. They specialize in pure chocolate bars, so I wouldn't seek them out for a nut bar. Their mint bar is OK, but not their best product IMO.

      Interestingly enough, Hershey's now owns Sharffenberger, though I haven't noticed any decline in product quality since they were bought out..

      If you're ever in the Bay Area, they have a factory tour that is pretty fun and informative.

      1. I, too, am a dark chocolate lover. If you are curious about Scharffenberger, check out Trader Joe's to try the Scharffenberger bars.

        1. I find Scharffenberger too bitter. Then again, I like neither Ghiradelli nor Sees. But this is their dark bars. Their milk chocolate might be good. Trader Joes and Cost Plus have a great selection of both dark and milk kinds w/ all sorts of things in it.

          My preference is dark, but Chuao makes a earl grey milk chocolate that I like quite a bit in small doses, which is odd, b/c I don't like either milk chocolate or earl grey on their own.

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            Scharffenberger makes a semisweet bar that might be a good compromise. Keep in mind that they (along with Joseph Schmidt and Oregon's Dagoba) are now owned by Hershey.

            Emeryville's Charles' Chocolates has some delicious semisweet bars too along with a milk chocolate w/rice krispies. I find ~60% to be a fine balance for milk and dark. Lower than that and you're typically getting more sugar and less cocoa.

            (Why isn't this on the SF board?)

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              ohhhhh, Joseph Schmidt is now owned by Hershey. I did not know that. May they keep an exceptional thing going.

          2. I am a milk chocolate lover. But I like very much any and all Scharffenberger. Their dark chocolate is not bitter or harsh like many other brands. They shine as a chocolate to cook with, and have some great products. But trust me, they taste just fine for snacking.