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Feb 17, 2008 02:05 PM

Tokyo Midtown

I checked out the review of Tokyo Midtown, which emphasized western and other non-Japanese restaurants. What about the moderately price and inexpensive Japanese places in Tokyo Midtown? What are your favorites?

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  1. I am heading to Tokyo and will be staying in Tokyo Midtown. Anybody here have Asian restaurant or food shop recommendations, as David is requesting above?

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    1. re: chutster

      Here's one place I really liked at Tokyo Midtown.

      Also, the ramen shop Gogyo is nearby.

      1. re: david kaplan

        Thanks David. Will hunt down those two spots!

      2. re: chutster

        If you are willing to walk 10-15 minutes away from Midtown, and if you really like seasonal Japanese seafood with heavy emphasis on freshness, then I will recommend Nabura Roppongi, operated by a couple. English is not much spoken here and no English menu as well, but if you get by that, the food is really good. I wrote a review a few months back; you can read it :

        1. re: FourSeasons

          FourSeasons makes a good point, Midtown is within walking distance of just about all of Roppongi as well as Nishi-Azabu.

          Don't feel like you have to limit yourself to that complex. If you just need a quick snack, R Burger is right down the street. Unique burgers served on that soft, fluffy white chinese dumpling dough with tofu fries.

          1. re: lost squirrel

            Sorry, the tofu comes in nugget shapes, not frie shapes.


            It's nice to have my little sister following my posts and pointing out my errors.

          2. re: FourSeasons

            I returned to Tokyo this year and stayed in Midtown once again. This time, I took FourSeasons' recommendation and ate at Nabura Roppongi and had a wonderful, unforgettable meal there. I had the freshest and widest range of seafood I've ever had so far. Many of the items I had never heard of, but the staff was kind enough to show me the whole fish a course was derived from and even presented a translation dictionary at every course. Thank you for your recommendation FourSeasons. Nabura will be a staple for me on every future trip to Tokyo from now on.

            1. re: chutster

              Hi chutster:

              I am glad you enjoy Nabura and not afraid to venture to the seafood and non-English atmosphere that perhaps scare away many readers. I think you are the first person who wrote about it after my first review about 18 months ago. And I notice your earlier post was actually a year ago. The fish on your photo seem like kinki, one of my favorite fish. Let me know on your next trip and perhaps I can recommend a few more dishes. I am actually heading back to Nabura again this week. Always my favorite!!!

        2. napule , authentic neapolitan pizzas... always queues at dinner time... this place is crowded!
          cuisine francaise JJ is also inside tokyo midtown...

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          1. re: Lucil

            There is a good tonkatsu shop in the basement there.

            The sauce has a nice garlic kick to it that I prefer over the sweeter, fruity sauces you get other places.