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Feb 17, 2008 02:04 PM

new places around Roppongi Hills / Azabu-Juban?

I'm going back to Tokyo for the first time since late 2005 and will be staying once again in Roppongi Hills. From previous visits, I have especially liked the following nearby places:

the Singaporean hawker place for Hainan chicken rice

(some of these I wrote up here:


Are there other new places in the area that are similarly moderately priced, informal, and delicious? Open to any Japanese cuisine or other east Asian, but not interested in anything else. Thanks!

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  1. Some of the decent moderate priced places that I enjoyed and have written in previous threads :

    2 yakiniku chains that I like are near that area. Toraji has a branch in Roppongi Hill complex, I recall it is either on the 4th or 5th floor. JoJoen has one branch 10 minutes walking from the complex.

    If you love Japanese oysters, try this slick place Maimon with many varieties of oysters, also served decent yakotori, excellent steak and some fusion dishes (One of my favorite there is the kimchi fried rice). Just note it is slightly more expensive than moderate range.

    If you like Xiao Long Bao, the famous branch of Nanxing from Shanghai is available on the basement or first floor of the Complex.

    A decent curry udon from the Sugamo Konaya chain is on the basement that is located near the underground pathway to the subway.