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Feb 17, 2008 02:03 PM

Dinner at the King Edward hotel?

I will be staying at the King Eddie for one night next week, anyone been to Victoria's at the hotel? I wont have a lot of time so i'm looking for someting close by for a nice dinner i'm not worried about price.

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  1. I can't vouch for it personally but my old boss counted it among his favourite places to take clients, along with Reds, Far Niente, Crush Wine Bar, and Auberge du Pommier, so I'd imagine it's decent.

    1. King Eddie is in an excellent location for eating. Within ten minutes you could get to:

      1- Colborne Lane (see my recent review at Actually more like three minutes from your hotel. Very interesting stuff happening in this kitchen, but never weird at the expense of delicious. Poor wine list, but still worth it for the food. My very recent review is at

      2 - Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar ( Although a couple of recent reviews have been disappointed, we've always had great meals here. It's not consistently excellent, but we always have a "wow!" moment and I like the casual atmosphere and the attention to local ingredients.

      3 - Starfish is a very nice bistro spot where you can go to town on oysters, if that's one of your things. Probably a ten minute walk. (


      4 - Lucien is also right around the corner from your hotel, and while I've not yet been I have liked what the chef was doing elsewhere ( This place is next on my to-do list.

      5 - I do like Red's which is also not far from your hotel. Interesting by-the-glass wine selects, and I think their chef is one to watch. Atmosphere will be very Bay Street (it's in the heart of the financial district so lots of suits). There is a downstairs bar area which might be cozy for solo dining if not too crazy (depends on the night of the week). (


      I've never been to Victoria's, but I've occasionally had lunch or a snack at the Consort Bar at the King Eddie, and it's always been mediocre. Still, people rave about brunch in the main dining room, so maybe they do a little better.

      My first choice if money were no object would definitely be Colborne Lane.

      Please do let us know where you end up.


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        Beer Bistro is directly across the Street on King...great Belgian frites....wonderful beer selection if you like beer....also have wine and cocktail selection...generous portions and most entrees made with beer in the recipe...unique spot...Miranda

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          I would definitely agree - there are many fine restaurants closeby (walking distance) - I agree with the above recommendations for JKWB, Starfish (but I have had some issues there with service... food is great & oysters are delish! Owner is a guiness world record holder for fastest oyster shucking... and if you are pressed for time - they can definitely speed up dinner), and Lucien. I haven't been to Colbourne Lane yet - but I have heard nothing but wonderful things.

          I haven't been to Reds in a while - but I think if you only have one meal - I wouldn't choose to eat there. Also may want to check out Canoe at TD Tower. Spectacular view. Solid menu

        2. any recent experience with victoria's @ king edward for dinner?

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            Don't forget good steak, warm service and a nice, dark ambience at Tom Jones, the steak house adjacent to the E end of the King Eddie off Leader Lane just S of the parking lot.

          2. We stayed at the King Edward last night and dinner/breakfast was part of our package with the hotel. I would say it was "OK" but not great .

            So -- dinner. Started with the salad -- liked the dressing but the aged Canadian cheddar was the orange cheddar -- which struck me as sort of strange. My main was an egg noodle dish with braised greens of some sort -- it was good but again, not great. My breakfast was a standard bacon and eggs brekkie.

            I would have felt REALLY ripped off if I had paid the menu prices for these dishes (eg. our breakfast was $20 on the menu) but as part of the package, I was more forgiving.

            The service was OK but I did feel rushed.

            There are many other places nearby you should go -- I would recommend Victoria's only if you were dead tired and wanted something easy and close.

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              Not disagreeing with your review, but aged cheddar can be orange.

              1. re: tjr

                I do know that, but isn't it dyed then? I've never had a good aged cheddar that was orange -- it just didn't look appetizing in the salad -- it made me feel like I was eating from a big industrial block of Kraft orange cheddar -- that's all.

            2. The King Edward is having a prix fix promotion at the Victoria Room this month.
              We went to have the $19 lunch last week. It was absolutely fine. Good service, reasonable food and great value. If you don't want to venture out, enjoy.