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Got those kitchen renovation blues

roxlet Feb 17, 2008 01:54 PM

Our kitchen renovation begins tomorrow, and since we are passionate cooks, we dine out infrequently. We live in Bronxville, and are familiar with the Haiku/Johnny's/A Mangiare/Rosie's/Scallini nexus, but we are looking for off-beat & unusual restaurants in the immediate area. Weeknight trips to Port Chester are not really an option with a child, so we'd love to get familiar with any near-by restaurants that we don't know. By near-by, I mean Eastchester, New Rochelle, Yonkers, Mount Vernon, etc. Take out preferable, but not absolutely a must. Any ideas?

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    gutreactions RE: roxlet Feb 17, 2008 02:13 PM

    roxlet, for starters you may want to check out Spice Village in Tuckahoe, a darn good Indian eatery...Spring Asian Cuisine on Gramatan Ave., Mt. Vernon, which offers a variety of Asian cooking styles...Joe's Quarry Inn on Marbledale Road in Tuckahoe for some good retro tavern food (their Tuesday night Nantucket Dinner is a delight and reasonably priced)...the Fixed Price Winter Dinners at Mamma Francesca, New Rochelle...half priced a la carte sushi at East Harbor on Central Park Ave., Yonkers. served daily for lunch and all day Monday and Wednesday...By the way, in all of these spots children are welcomed.

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    1. re: gutreactions
      roxlet RE: gutreactions Feb 17, 2008 02:18 PM

      Thanks Gutreaction-- some good recs. We love Indian food, so we will definitely give Spice Village a try. I had heard that it was pretty good. I may have eaten at Joe's Quarry a while back. Is that in the spot that used to be where An American Bistro was?

      1. re: roxlet
        gutreactions RE: roxlet Feb 17, 2008 02:27 PM

        Yes it is, but Joe's Quarry now has a new owning family that has infused it with a little dose of broccoli rabe...much of the regular menu remains the same, perhaps even a bit better than before...

        1. re: gutreactions
          roxlet RE: gutreactions Feb 17, 2008 02:40 PM

          We'll give it another try. Do you know anything about a Thai restaurant in Eastchester? I also understand there's a good burger joint that just opened opposite the train station in Tuckahoe... name escapes me. Anything of interest in southern Yonkers? I saw the board about the Mexican joints in New Rochelle. Problem is, with a kid who had sports practices, piano practice and tons of HW, it's hard to do a civilized restaurant meal most weeknights. This will be a challenge!

          1. re: roxlet
            gutreactions RE: roxlet Feb 18, 2008 04:40 AM

            roxlet, the places you are referring to probably are: TapHouse in Tuckahoe, it is what they are calling a 'gastro-pub' an upscale tavern with contemporized cuisine (it is lovely), and Garlic & Pepper in Tuckahoe, which I feel has been the pits since it opened...if you are looking for some good Thai, Spring has a Thai chef in the kitchen...

            1. re: gutreactions
              roxlet RE: gutreactions Feb 21, 2008 06:34 AM

              Where is Spring? With the renovation going full bore, I just got back to the board today.

              1. re: roxlet
                gutreactions RE: roxlet Feb 21, 2008 07:30 AM

                Spring is at 545 Gramatan Ave., in the Fleetwood section of Mt. Vernon (914-699-2828)...Charlie is the affable owner.

                1. re: gutreactions
                  roxlet RE: gutreactions Feb 21, 2008 10:04 AM

                  Look forward to trying it...

              2. re: gutreactions
                pabboy RE: gutreactions Feb 21, 2008 01:27 PM

                I think Garlic & Pepper is pretty good (for Westchester). It Thai owned & operated. The chef and waitress are all Thai. All you gotta do is ask for "Authentic cooking" and you'll be happy.

      2. Bigbird RE: roxlet Feb 17, 2008 02:39 PM

        Just wanted to echo Spring Asian on Gramatan in Mt. Vernon. I highly recommend the shrimp with honeydew melon, broccoli and walnuts. I don't remember what it is really called, but they are the biggest and best shrimp I have ever had. Alice

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        1. re: Bigbird
          roxlet RE: Bigbird Feb 23, 2008 04:28 PM

          We ate at Spice Village in Tuckahoe tonight, and it was quite good. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but certainly a completely reasonable choice and better than much other Indian food we have had in Wstchester.

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