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Feb 17, 2008 01:29 PM

Groceries in Southport

Hi...just moved to Chicago and this neighborhood from Los Angeles....looking for grocery options other than the local Jewel. I found the nearby Trader Joe's but is there another ideally more local and better stocked option that you all would recommend? Thanks much!

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  1. There's a Whole Foods on Ashland and School Street, about 3300 North. Between Jewel and TJs and Whole Foods, you've got the basics covered.

    In the summer there are a plethora of neighborhood farmers markets -- many believing the best being the Green City Market in Lincoln Park near the zoo.

    There are also some fine butcher shops, bakeries and fishmongers, but I don't know your specific neighborhood that well. Some that you might consider are the Paulina Meat Market on Lincoln (, Red Hen Bakery on Milwaukee ( and Dirks Fish Market on Clybourn (

    1. Treasure Island on Broadway a couple of blocks south of Addison...there's one on Clybourn Avenue as well. Great product selection with lots of hard to find stuff too. Don't forget to try the AMISH meat and poultry as it is much better than the Jewel, Dominicks, Purdue varieties. Above average liquor department.

      1. Head north to Andersonville (it's a short ride on the Clark bus, or a bike ride in the summer) There is a great Middle Eastern Deli on the corner of Clark and Foster that sells all sorts of interesting prepared and packaged supplies. Check out their meat pies.
        Down the street is a Swedish deli that has some good fish and meat products.