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Feb 17, 2008 01:24 PM

Luisa's BRick Oven Pizza, Charlotte NC

Is Luisa's Brick Oven Pizza in Charlotte near Park Road shopping center worth a visit? What about comparable to other local pizza places? I tend to buy my grandparents restaurant gift certificates for local places for holidays and birthdays and they have never tried Luisa's... wanted your opinions. Thanks!

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  1. I like it very much. I think the brick oven really makes for a tasty crunchy crust.
    You should check it out!

    1. Yup, worth a visit. It is good brick oven pizza, with good quality toppings. Much better than Brixx. I do wish they would change out the plastic lawn chairs they use....

      1. Not the fanciest place in Charlotte, but good, consistent pizza. Even their pizza buffet at lunchtime is worthy of a visit.

        1. I've had pizza at 4 local places recently. Intermezzo, Hawthorne Pizza Kitchen, Fuel Pizza, & Luisa's. I'd say that Luisa's is the best. Great crust! My wife & I love their pizza I'd rank Intermezzo's second of these 4. Great crust also. Hawthorne next. and far, far below I'd rank Fuel Pizza. I wouldn't go back to Fuel if my kids didn't like it. Can't miss w/Luisa's tho...

          1. I went to Luisa's for dinner based on some of the posts here looking forward to a good brick oven experience.

            Here is a summary
            - Arrive around 6 Pm on a Monday - a teenage girl (seemingly the owner's daughter and hostess) drags herself away from a table full of her friends and tells me I can sit anywhere
            - I wait 15 minutes for a waiter - I am literally the only person in the restaurant - the hostess never offered to get him – In his defense once he made an appearance he did a reasonable good job
            - The food was at best OK - the cheese bread was far better than the pizza. The pizza had a crispy crust and soggy center - not so good.
            Left after paying the bill - passed the hostess without as much as a 'come again", "thanks for coming and being our only customer tonight", etc .

            My advice would be that there are far better pizza places in town in both the service and food category - I'm not sure where they are but this ain't it.