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Feb 17, 2008 11:59 AM

Good grub Persian Yonge-Steeles Recomend?

Please. My choices closed and I've lost touch. I am not interested in fancy.

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  1. I'm just bumping this back to the top so it doesn't get lost. I'm interested in the answer.
    I have heard about Zaffron, for example, but haven't been and so can't recommend it...

    1. I've been to North in the plaza on Steeles West across from CenterPoint. I'm not an expert on Persian food but I enjoyed my meal there. I shared an appetizer platter with different types of eggplant dips (one of the warm eggplant dips was the highlight)

      I can't remember they type of meat I ordered for the main but I remember thinking the pomegranate seasoning was excellent.

      1. I had a great dinner at Tanoor.After reading a review in the Toronto Star I wanted to check it out.We had the chicken Kabobs with rice and they were fantastic.I do not know what kind of exotic spices the chicken breast was marinated in but it was very tender, juicy and moist.The portions were also huge.We also had the hummus and babbaganoush dips with fresh backed naan.The service was attentive and the decor was secondary to the food.They do have an inclosed glass room were you can smoke a very large hooka (water pipe) with flavored tabacco. I`m going to try it next time forsure!

        1. There are two that I've been to: Zaffron (6200 Yonge Street) or North restaurant (steeles in the plaza next to hungarian schnitzil (sp??) restaurant)

          1. These are all great suggestions.
            Can anyone comment on the quality/price points of Zaffron's menu?