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Feb 17, 2008 11:57 AM

Uses for Porcini Powder?

I bought a whole thng of it so I could make Bobby Flay's wild mushroom soup - delish!
But what can I do with the rest of this stuff!?! I could see putting it in gravy... anything else?

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  1. I use porcini powder in things that seem to need more of that umami/savory flavor. (So, like, you can use it instead of Accent/MSG.) It adds a depth of flavor to things like soup, sauces, gravy (like you mentioned), even sauteed vegetables.

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      Yes, porcini is the natural MSG! I love it in ragus and hearty tomato sauces. There are so many uses.

    2. I just saw a show where they used porcini powder alone or in combination with flour to dredge meat in as a coating or glaze.

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        Second. I use it as a dry rub (no need to cut with flour, I think) on beef before searing and roasting to lovely effect. Wonderful flavor and a great crust, to boot.

      2. Take a chicken breast.
        Cut a pocket in it and stuff with prosciutto, sage leaves and some shaved parmigiano.

        Now, sandwich the breast between two pieces of wax paper and pound until it is a thin cutlet. Brush Dijon mustard all over. Mix the porcini powder with some panko(Japanese breadcrumbs) about a 1 to 1 ratio.

        Saute until golden brown.

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          why oh why do you folks keep making me hungry???

        2. In lieu of some of the flour when making fresh pasta. Then make a cream sauce of fresh and dried porcini. Porcini mushrooms to the third power. Fantastico.

          1. i just saw jamie oliver's new show---he combined some with coarse bread crumbs, sauteed them (can't recall if it was in butter, olive oil or both) til crisp and used them over pasta with sauteed leeks and pancetta. looked fabulous and had my mouth watering.