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Feb 17, 2008 11:23 AM

Kitchenaid Ice Cream Maker vs. Deni Scoop vs ??but

I got the Deni Scoop Ice Cream Maker for my birthday-it's the same concept as my old Donvier, with a chilled insert, but it's electronic. I've used it once and it worked fine, but it looks cheesy, seems cheap (for instance, the instruction manual was just photocopied and stapled, and didn't include the promised recipes). The Kitchenaid Ice Cream maker is at Costco right now for only $50-should I trade? Is there something else in this price range you recommend? (BTW, I do have a traditional rock salt and ice freezer already-looking for something that's easier to use and makes smaller quantities). Thanks.

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  1. Cuisinart Frozen yogurt, ice cream and sorbet maker.
    Works like a charm. You freeze the insert -- I keep mine in the freezer -- then whip up a batch of ice cream in under 30 mins, and freeze. Easy and great results.

    Cuisinart comes w/ a recipe & instruction book. I also like Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice cream cookbook and The Perfect Scoop.

    1. I <3 my Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker - I live in a really small apartment and so was looking for something that would make smaller quanities and not be too bulky - this fit the bill and it's sleek too (I have the 2 quart machine)! Oh, and most importantly, it makes delicious ice cream...

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        This seems like the same concept as both the above. The only reason I'd lean towards the kitchenaid over the cuisinart if I was buying something new is that, since it would involve a new bowl, rather than a whole new appliance, it seems like it'd take up less room. Any thoughts?

        And I love the Ben and Jerry's book, and have the Perfect Scoop on hold at the library, after reading all the rave reviews.

      2. I paid $100 for the KitcheAid ice cream maker. amd the gears didn't even fit. Piece of junk.

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          Gears? I'm not sure if this is the same thing-the one I saw was a bowl you chill and put on your mixer...and it was only $50.

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            I don't know where you saw the Kitchen AId Ice Cream Attachment for $50 but that was a deal. It lists for $100. Right now Amazon is selling it for $70. There is also a very detailed review of this attachment on Amazon. I think anyone who is considering buying one of these should read that first. The reviewer actually gave the attachment 5 stars but after reading the review I'm glad I went with the 2 quart Cuisinart (which I paid $63 for at BBB w/ coupon.) And I own a Kitchen AId Stand Mixer.

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              Costco had it last time I was there-$50 bucks, which included a couple of fancy ice cream goblets, if I recall correctly. But I will check out the Amazon review.

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            You may have a similar problem to what I had -- there was a pin sticking out of the mixer that just needed to be knocked flush into the mixer housing (it wasn't staying on, causing the churn to wobble/fall); now the sleeve that the churn balances on fits the mixer just fine, and I've had no problems subsequently. Call KA customer service, I had a shop nearby but if this is the problem, it could also be something you can fix yourself with a chisel and a rubber mallet.