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Feb 17, 2008 10:40 AM

Good dining in Edmonton over Easter

I'm going to be in Edmonton in April. I am looking for nice spots, casual but good and preferably not the same old thing. Are there any Albertan "musts?" We love good Thai and inventive cuisine. Must be handicapped accessible.

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  1. Not to be picky, but Easter is in March this year...

    Regardless of when you are coming, however, if you want Thai go to Bua. It's downtown on 113 st, just south of Jasper. Pretty sure it is handicap accessible.

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    1. re: Dan G

      Without being aware of your exact requirements, I think I can say that most restaurants in Edmonton would be reasonably accessible. Fortunately this city doesn't have the architectural pattern you sometimes see in other cities where the bathroom is invariably down a set of stairs.

      Note that there are of course exceptions to this rule, and one of the city's highest profile spots, the Hardware Grill, has a downstairs bathroom.

      1. re: egon61

        ...and unless they moved it, a handicapped accessible one upstairs

        1. re: Bob Mac

          my favs for inventive reasonably priced food would be Culina (99st & about 85thave) & Bacon (highlands)& The Blue Pear (downtown) for high end. All are accessible (I believe), I recommend reservations at all of them for evenings as they are quite small.

          I second Bua Thai for Thai food. There is an interesting place on 124th st called Matahari that is southeast asian, that we have enjoyed especially b/c you get a little of everything. Although I have never been, I have heard great things about Bulgogi house for Korean food, it is in Bonnydoon.

          For something different how about Bistro Praha (downtown/rice howard way) for eastern european food, the roast goose was incredible!


          1. re: cleopatra999

            I loved Bulgogi House when I lived downtown - I could swing by on my way home and pick up take out! Haven't been there in 3 years at least, and someone recently told me it closed, but I haven't confirmed that.

    2. I have to agree about Bacon. It is my favourite new place. But it is small and parking is always a problem.

      I often take out-of-towners to Bitro Praha - probably because they tend to be staying downtown- and am never disappointed. And would put Four Rooms (just down the block) a good close second, if you are downtown.