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Feb 17, 2008 10:40 AM

Seeking the perfect "yeast doughnut" of my youth

I remember the shop on Kingston Rd. at Fallingbrook that used to sell the most wonderful chocolate and sugar coated jam busters. A memorable yeast doughnut, big and brown and only a dime. We would have to pass by that store on the way to shop class once a week
and I always hurried in to grab a doughnut before class.

With the introduction of the maleficent, cake 'donuts' (I guess that's why they can't use "dough"-nuts anymore) by the numerous coffee and donut chains we have suffered through the demise and perceived extinction of this former doughy treat.

Please Chowhounds, restore the pleasure of my youth by telling me where to find the nostalgic "Yeast Doughnut" here in the GTA. I even agree to pay MORE than a dime for it

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  1. Krispy Kreme would fill the bill, fresh raised and fried before your eyes!
    Unfortunately all were closed in GTA except Mississauga.
    Maybe they dumbed down the recipe too much. They started with a French recipe using rice flour with wheat flour, but dropped the rice.

    1. I recently tried a sugar donut from Golden Wheat Bakery on College and was pleasantly surprised. Big, soft and fluffy, with a nice coating of sugar. They come chocolated glazed, too, but I haven't tried that one yet...

      1. The Port Union Bakery in the plaza at Port Union and Lawson might be what you're after.

        I highly recommend the Boston Cream, and Apple Cinnamon jelly filled while you're at it. They slice the doughnut in half and smear it with filling before reassembly so you get filling in every bite.

        I like their empanadas (pork or chicken) as well. The family that runs it is Filipino so the empanadas are savoury and a little sweet.

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          I second the vote for the Port Union bakery. Their donuts are AWESOME. Seriously, you must try the chocolate dip. Oh man I am really craving one of those right now.

          1. re: pantone

            Ok, enough,. I'm off to the Port Union bakery this weekend for some of their Chowhound hyped doughnuts. Does anyone know if I can get there by TTC? Where exactly are they located?

            1. re: fruglescot

              It appears to be the Dominion store plaza.
              Pt Union Rd. has buses, coming from York Mills, east on Ellesmere and terminating at GO.


        2. There are excellent sugar-coated, jam-filled yeast doughnuts at Milbree Viking Smokehouse on Laird near Eglinton.

          1. Sadly, Krispy Kreme is one of the best yeast donuts ever. You gotta go when they are making them fresh, call ahead, and take a fresh sample on top of the dozen you buy. I'm gonna try all other places on here and report back.