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Feb 17, 2008 10:34 AM

Des Moines: Restaurants that don't ever seem to close

Ugh. Sunday in Des Moines and the television stations have us all whipped into a frenzy regarding another blizzard. I canceled a dinner engagement twice this week because of sudden obligations and really hoped that tonight would be the night that I could finally have dinner with a new friend. Sundays typically stink anyway, but any foodies know of places that never seem to close, regardless of the weather?

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  1. Try Dos Rios on Court Avenue.

    1. And the Star Bar was open at lunch.

      1. Ended up at Star Bar. The place was practically empty because of the overhyped storm of the century. Had pan-fried chicken with a chipoltle gravy, served with delicious cheese grits and green beans. Delicious.