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Feb 17, 2008 10:25 AM

Korhogo 126

A quick shout out to Korhogo 126 (formerly Bouilliabaise 126). We went last night and had a truly wonderful dinner. Started with steak tartar and a salad, both very well executed. Entrees were scallops for her and fish of the day (halibut) for me. The scallops were amazing and dare I say even give Saul a run for the money. The Halibut reminded me of something you would get in the Caribbean, nicely grilled with sides of fresh vegetables and mashed potatoes. Dessert was a wonderful warm chocolate cake thingy with homemade ice cream. Portions are fairly large, service was exceptional and surprisingly professional. Wine list was small but very reasonably priced so we were able to make it in and out for under $150 and have two appetizers, entrees, shared dessert and a bottle of wine. Not bad at all for the quality of both food and service. They even gave us a packet of African spices with our check.

There were only about 3 or 4 other tables when we were there so the place was pretty empty. I encourage everyone to give the place a shot - It's on Union and Columbia.

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  1. I concur. When you walk into the restaurant, the aromas are wonderful, a good sign. The food did not disappoint. The fish and seafood was impeccably fresh and the sauce had a beautiful layered flavor. I've been there twice and will go back without a doubt. The waitress was friendly and went out of her way with everything. The address is 126 Union between Columbia and Hicks. I hope more people try this reincarnation of Bouilliabaise 126. I certainly want it to succeed.

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      A third in favor of Korhogo. Went last night and sat in the covered "greenhouse" in the back. It was a little chilly, but after a large party left they were able to reseat us closer to the heat lamps. My dining companion and I split the goat cheese terrine appetizer. It tasted very good but it was a little more goat cheese than I was prepared for -- they gave us some beets and toasted bread to go with it, but I still felt like I was just spooning goat cheese into my mouth. For entrees, I got the Vegetable Mafe au Soumbala and he got a vegan entree (not on the website menu) consisting of vegetables (okra, carrots, etc) with lentils and a very nicely done phyllo dough crust. I really enjoyed the peanut stew (with I think a tomato or carrot base?) which was ladled over a nicely-textured quinoa pilaf that was similar to couscous (in fact I forgot that it was quinoa until I was 3/4 done with my meal). Plenty of food for the both of us, even without the clafoutis for dessert.

      The atmosphere is very cozy. It definitely feels like a neighborhood restaurant, yet the lighting and seating were comfortable enough for a date. It was not noisy, even with a birthday party next to us.

      And the waitress was indeed incredibly friendly -- she seemed a little harried running back and forth between the greenhouse and the main room, but to make up for it she comped our dessert (a completely unnecessary gesture in my opinion, but it was very kind).

      They also have an abridged delivery menu with lower prices ($15 delivery minimum), which I am planning to try out soon. We'll definitely also be back to eat in.