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Feb 17, 2008 10:21 AM

Value dining in Paris

For an upcoming trip to Paris we would like to find quality meals for under $100 for two. Regional French cuisine is preferred. The weak dollar makes this pretty difficult these days. Any recommendations?

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  1. I don't know if I'd call it regional, but it's excellent: try Le Pré Verre, Contemporary French cuisine with a slightly exotic touch and only 27.50 euros for three courses. There's also Café Constant on rue St Dominque, super chef Christian Constant's affordable cafe.

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      Thank you. They both look delicious! We will be there this week to try them.

      1. re: solea

        Thaks for the tip. We went to both restaurants and had excellent meals. We would not have found them without your advice!

      2. My best recomendation in that area is either chez l'Ami Jean (rue Malar, 7th) or la Régalade (av Jean Moulin, 14th). Both have 32 eur menus. It actually will exceed your 100$ mark, as are le Pré Verre and Constant.

        Actually, the only real possibility of great food within your budget that I know of are la Cave de l'Os à Moelle (20eur menu, great wines, you have to cut the bread yourself and seat at a large common table -- it's in the 15th), and BE for lunch (It's the Ducasse bakery/shop/restaurant -- try their truffle pasta at lunch for 13eur).