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Feb 17, 2008 09:39 AM

La Table d'Aude, Paris - recent experiences?

I last went to the Table d'Aude probably a dozen years ago -- I remember it as being very pleasant and reasonable southwestern country cooking, nothing fancy, paper tablecloths, excellent house wine. French comfort food, in a word. It's in the 6th on the rue de Vaugirard (around the corner from the Odeon, IIRC), and according to it's still there.

Anyone been lately? If so, how are prices/quality?

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  1. La Table d'Aude, 8, Rue Vaugirard, 6e arr., has been replaced by La Ferrandaise a few years ago (maybe 2?). It does get very good reviews. Reservation highly recommended, since it's a small place.It was named Lebey's 'Best Bistrot' in 2006.

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      Ah, well I stand corrected. And thanks for alerting me to its replacement, which sounds quite worthy.