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Best Sandwiches in Toronto!!! Where are they?

Where are the good sandwich places in Toronto? Montreal and New York have great diners and delis where you can get great sandwiches, are their any great places to find corned beef, roast beef, pastrami sandwiches etc..

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  1. Halina's Deli (Annette & Jane) has great sandwiches. I had a meatloaf sandwich there in November 2005 that I'm still dreaming about. The roast beef is really good, too. But the food is take-out only.


    1. Black Camel has yummy pulled pork and brisket. I had a nice juicy chicken sandie with avocado in a warm pita at Gayley's. There's always the peameal bacon classic in St. Lawrence Mrkt. And some swear by California Sandwiches and Vietnamese subs from various joints. The sweet breakfast Chocolate Elvis sandwich at Okay Okay is killer.

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        Hey singe, just curious....have you been to Okay Okay since the new owners have taken over?

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          My Favourites are Zupa or Yitz's

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            Yes, but I can't compare, since I had never been there before. But from what I could tell, the menu was just the same.

        2. I had the jerk chicken and fried plantain sandwich yesterday at Irie (Queen/Tecumseth) and it was delicious!

          1. I love the Sandwich Box in the Peter St. mall across from CityTV (or the old CityTV) building on Queen. Not the classic deli style you specified in your post, but definitely very chow-worthy sandwiches.

            Sandwich Box
            238 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V1Z7, CA

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              I second the Sandwich Box. They have 2 locations downtown.

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                Second. Just an update, Sandwich Box is opening a new location at Yonge and Eglinton.

              2. Try the panini at Cafe 260 - it's at 260 Richmond. A wonderful find. I like bacon, cheddar, tomato and artichokes... but they'll do what you ask. Service and atmosphere both very good. Free WIFI. Enjoy.

                1. Some of my fav's:
                  - Smoked meat at Centre St Deli (doesn't compare to Katz's in NYC, but the best in TO)
                  - Chicken & eggplant at Mustachio's in the St Lawrence Mkt
                  - As someone else mentioned, Sandwich Box for gourmet type sandwiches
                  - Burrito Boys or Quesada for burrito sandwiches (ok, it's not truly a sandwich, but close enough and damn good! :)

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                    I second most of SMOG's recs. Just had a smoked meat at Centre St. today. As good as ever. No, not Katz's, but the best in the GTA>

                    Love Mustachio's as well, but favor the Veal and Eggplant.

                    Like Burrito Boyz a lot, mainly for the Halibut.

                    Another favorite is Brick St. Bakery in the Distillert District. Their "Boxing Day" sandwich (Roast Turkey, Dressing, Cranberry Sauce) is a winner.

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                      fish sandwich shoppe (on college)...I actually have their number in my cell phone!!
                      sandwich box on richmond or on queen....

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                        There's another place that's exactly the same as Sandwich Box, but it's in Commerce Court and thus only a lunch place Mon-Fri. It's called Fast Fresh Foods. And directly across from it, just opened up Petit Fours, which is even more upscale. I haven't tried it yet, but heard it's great.

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                          I've tried both, and neither are as good as Sandwich Box. FFF tries, but they fall short. Petit Fours is no where near the experience and very overpriced.

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                          Oh yeah! The Fish House! I had forgotten about them. What do you usually get?

                    2. Brick Street Bakery's sandwiches are amazing. Great bread and interesting fillings!

                      1. Buster's Sea Cove in the back of the St. Lawrence market has an amazing grilled tilapia sandwich.

                        Otherwise, I'm with the other posters, Sandwich Box, Center St. Deli and Black Camel are great.

                        1. I really enjoy the veal and meatball sandwiches at Cammisso Bros. and Racco, off Caledonia in the west end. Great sauce, great buns, great toppings.. yum!

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                            This place is delicious for a 24 hour place, but i found them really cheap on the veal. all i got was a small thin piece of veal between a huge yummy bun and sauce.
                            also love brick street, and the eggplant on foccacia at mustachios.

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                              Really sorry to hear that; whenever I think they're skimping on the meat, I just ask can I get a bigger piece, and they almost always oblige. Of course, it's usually young ladies, and I wink at them; somehow that seems to help.

                          2. Just thought of one more. The steak sandwich at Dante's is great. Very tender beef on a bun with their tomato sauce, then you get to choose limitless toppings including onions, mushrooms, peppers, etc. It's massive!

                            1. I always like grabbing a sandwich with their soup at the Sen5es bakery at Yonge and Queen (esp since it's only a short walk from where i live!). I recently had the butternut squash soup with braised beef short ribs sandwich and it was delish!

                              1. Vinnie's Panini - to speed the wait time tell Vinnie how great Maradona was when he played for Napoli.

                                Black Camel - the happiest place in Toronto. Hands down.

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                                  Pancers for machine cut, Centre Street Deli for 'hand cut' and agree with the above "Vinnie's Panini" but we still go to Commisso every now and then...........the Western" at Superior on Queen Street East when I'm in the St. Mike's area!.......Love 'em all!

                                2. My favourite Italian sandwich is at Trezzano Bakery, SW corner of Wilson and Dufferin, just north of Yorkdale Mall. The house-made sausage with sauce, some sweet and some hot peppers is my idea of nirvana.

                                  Also, there is a great Baltic bakery on Mt. Pleasant, south of Eglinton called, Hillside. They bake their own breads and make very generous, delicious sandwiches for a very reasonable price.