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Feb 17, 2008 09:01 AM

Where to go for Beignet's.

What is the best place to eat beignet's? I have only had them once and LOVED them.

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  1. Cafe Du Monde. Any location is a good one.

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    1. re: lawstudent

      I do not know how many locations that CDM has, but was horribly dissappointed in the one way out on W. Esplanade (The Esplanade?). For me, the FQ location is the one to hit.

      I also enjoy the Morning Call in Metairie, though I miss the FQ shop.


    2. Or Morning Call if you happen to be in Metairie, but cdm is definitely a must hit.

      1. Cafe du Monde in the Quarter. Don't wear solid dark colors, you will be covered in powdered sugar. But you also will be very happy.

        Get cafe au lait to go with. Mmmm...

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        1. re: guate

          For some stupid reason, I always find myself wearing a navy blazer, and my wife is in black... You'd think that living in NOLA for all the years that we each did, would have taught us something, but that lesson seems to have gone completely over OUR heads. Good call. Wear white, or beige, and watch which was the wind is blowing, when one shakes the sugar! You can always spot who just dined at CDM, after they leave.


          1. re: Bill Hunt

            Are there any places that serve beignets outside of the quarter? I love CDM but every so often I don't feel like heading to the Quarter to get them.

              1. re: Dax

                I went to both websites to see which one was in the airport, but I don't see a location there listed for either one. I was so surprised and delighted to get cafe au lait and beignets when I went to see my daughter off at the airport last year. Does anyone know which one it is, if either?

                  1. re: Hungry Celeste

                    I have seen that outlet, but have not tried it. Considering the other fare at MSY and the "attitude" of the various staff members at most, I will definitely scope it out in March.

                    For all of the great service, even with staff members strained, everything else was great on the last trip. Then we hit MSY and OMG. Do they not realize that tourists are part of the recovery?

                    OK, enough of my mini-rant. Will check out CDM at MSY and see if it's better than The Esplanade branch. However, if the fog rolls in, and we have a late-night walk in the FQ, we'll definitely be doing the original location, and letting the memories flood back.


                1. re: Dax

                  I have never seen Morning Call in Clearview Mall. I called the # listed on their website. It is disconnected. Strange that it is still listed on their website.

                  1. re: southerngal

                    When the reconfigured food court first opened in Clearview (this was a while before K), a Morning Call stand occupied the booth nearest the escalators to the movie theaters. It closed before Katrina, though.

          2. OK. Cafe du Monde was FANTASTIC and I love the coffee. We went to the one in the French Quarter and it was packed. I was pretty good with the powdered sugar too!!!
            Thanks Everyone.

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            1. re: eileenj115

              Glad that you enjoyed CdM and the beignets.