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Feb 17, 2008 08:51 AM

Restaurants in Destin FL

We will be in Destin for 2 weeks. Any unusual places you recommend to eat? Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Thanks!

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  1. I'm just back from 2 weeks in Destin! Don't miss these spots on 30A and environs - Cafe Tango (reservations a must), D&K Cafe, Hurricane Oyster Bar, Fire, Stinky's Fish Camp (best gumbo of the trip).

    In Destin proper - Harbor Docks (and the same-located, but separately operated Silver Sand Breakfast) is our "go to" place. Camille's is also good (same owners); I had nice sushi there. Dewey Destin's on the water is cheap and casual on a sunny day. Beachwalk Cafe is excellent but very pricey - go for lunch and sit on the beach (not directly; it's a concrete patio right over the sand)!

    I'll have a full report and photos from our eats on my blog, hopefully tomorrow: Also, check out the message board.

    1. I live near Destin and the Beaches of South Walton. I absolutely agree with the restaurants mentioned already--and more of my faves are: Criolla's(Grayton Beach), reservations a must, Sunset from rooftop bar at Bud 'N Alley's in Seaside for a cool drink, (gorgeous view of miles of beach, don't miss this one), Cafe 30A(Seagrove Beach), Cafe Rendezvous(Seaside), fab, hip new spot. The seafood is phenomenal in this region...and most chefs are very innovative... Also, see for a great blog/news about our area. This gal has done a fine job chatting about great new spots to dine and places to play. You will have a great time here! Mangia! Mangia!

      1. I just got my blog post up (after sorting through 299 food photos). Please tell us about where you ate, if your trip is over!

        1. We were there 2 weeks ago and ate great. 2 places we enjoyed that I don't see on anyone's list, Royal B for New Orleans food, wonderful BBQ shrimp different than Emeril's but equally good, oysters, oysters and more oysters, lots of appetizers and good desert although I can't remember what it was. Service was professional and caring. And Bistro Bijoux where we also had appetizers for dinner. We took menu home so I can tell you we loved crabcake, shrimp spring roll, scallops, and oysters creoleaise which were the weakest of the bunch. Also enjoyed desert there. Our concierge talked us out of Dewey Destin and into Captain Dave's on the Gulf. Don't let that happen to you. We loved Destin and plan on returning. Hope you enjoy it at least as well ad we did.

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            Well - we ate at both Dewey Destin and Capt. Daves. Both were mixed bags. DD had great fried seafood - but my grilled grouper was "off". The fish and seafood were good at Capt Daves, though the sides and soups all seemed to come from Sysco.

            Our experience at Royal B was very strange, so we didn't get to have dinner there, but perhaps that was an anomaly. I've heard that their food is very good.

          2. A great breakfast spot is Another Broken Egg in Baytowne Wharf at Sandestin, or over at the Bayside Inn. Great menu and yummy, yummy breakfast food with great surroundings. Fun places to enjoy for lunch and dinner there too - Marlin Grill being one of our favorite steak and seafood places.

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              My favorite breakfast is Silver Sands at Harbor Docks. Best biscuits on the planet!