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Kosher Subway Now Open In...New Rochelle!

Wow! First Grill Point, now this. Suddenly, New Rochelle is the kosher capital north of NYC. Waiting for Solo's first outpost to popen there... ;)

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  1. A big "Yasher Koach" to the Subways chain for reaching out to the kosher consumer. First Dunkin Donuts then Subways. I hope more major chains join in like they have in Israel.

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    1. re: MartyB

      are there any kosher dunkin donuts in westchester??? i know of the one in riverdale.

    2. I tried to call the Kosher Subway and their telephone number doesn't work. Have you actually seen it open?


      1. where is the new kosher subway in new rochelle located????

        1. Just to clarify: I drove by the store on North Avenue tonight, and they are up and running! They opened a few doors up from Grill Point, it just says SUBWAY, but rest assured, its kasher. They opened 4 days ago.

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          1. re: at9001

            Just to clarify: This was an existing Subway store that just became kosher. I went this past Monday and they still did not have all the items available (steak sub, meatball sub, tuna sub, etc.). Also, prices were very high - 7.99 for six inch corned beef sub. Unfortunately, I don't think that the market is strong enough in the area for this store to survive.

            1. re: LA Hungry

              I have had Grillpoint and Subway food. If a Grillpoint was next to a Subway, I would almost always opt for GP.

              Can someone ask them (GP) when or if the Cedarhurst Grillpoint is opening.

              1. re: LA Hungry

                I went last week. The prices were ridiculously expensive even for kosher food, and the food was not fresh. If I am going to pay 7.99 for a 6 inch sub, the meat should be fresh and not laying there all day long. They are more expensive than the other Subway kosher franchises. Moreover, Grill Point is down the block and much cheaper. I don't see how they make it, unless they figure their act out.

                  1. re: MartyB

                    i did and they were more expensive. Look, the kosher grocery store in New Rochelle couldnt make it, I don't see how a store making overpriced pre-cut deli sandwiches will cut it.

            2. I'm all for cultural comforts and I thought the idea of a Kosher Subway restaurant was AWESOME idea! However, I went into the store today and found out that the subway doesn't sell bacon, ham or cheese? bacon and ham are okay but cheese? I know the Kosher religion doesn't allow meat and cheese I guess what I'm saying is that I wish there was another counter with regular subway foods that include the original subway menu. This way if a Kosher person walks into a regular subway restaurant they can choose the foods that are right for them, and if non-kosher people walk into a kosher subway we too can get what is right for us. That's all. Thanks.

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              1. re: dobdobdo

                No reliable kosher certification agency will allow a restaurant to prepare and sell both kosher and non kosher food.

                1. re: dobdobdo

                  Part of being a kosher restaurant is choosing whether you will sell meat OR dairy, never both. The Kosher laws are very strict about never mixing the two. (That's the way it is in Israel as well.)

                  Mr Taster

                2. I, for one, consider this a low point in Kosher restaurant history. Is there really a need to replicate what is undoubtedly one of the worst non-Kosher fast food establishments for the Kosher community? Can we not aim a little higher? Dreck is dreck. I'd be more impressed if someone opened a good Kosher sandwich shop with quality ingredients.

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                  1. re: ferret

                    Worst in what sense? It is reportedly the healthiest of the various fast food places. Yes, if you're looking for a super-sized sandwich with a ton of meat, you are not going to find it at any Subway, kosher or not.

                    1. re: queenscook

                      Worst in the sense that it's a generic shredded lettuce/low-cost/low quality ingredient restaurant that serves "sandwiches" on oversize hot dog buns. Does anyone really need to adopt that just to create a Kosher version? Is it not possible to open a restaurant that serves a quality sub sandwich that stands on its own merits? If they're willing to commit the kind of money it takes to franchise a Subway and get the appropriate supervision then why not do it better instead?

                      Are people really waiting for a Kosher Denney's or Appleby's?

                      1. re: ferret

                        Yes yes yes!!!! You tell 'em, Ferret.

                        I'd be curious to know if the Kosher Subways have that same awful "Subway smell" odor that the non-Kosher restaurants do.


                        If they're actually baking fresh bread, shouldn't the place smell like a bakery?

                        Mr Taster

                    2. re: ferret

                      I had the double stuffed pastrami footlong with the works on a toasted garlic sub. Tasted great to me and I am "overstuffed".

                      1. re: ferret

                        I have a hard time thinking of Subway as one of the worst of the non-Kosher fast food places, at least in terms of chains (if we're including cafes and such then maybe it's a reasonable comment).

                        The bigger issue is the still massive cost of kosher fast food (this includes not only KD but Dougies, etc). Outside of Chinese lunch specials, there's simply nowhere you can go and get a full fleishig meal for under $10.

                        1. re: masteraleph

                          That is why the best deal around is the bbq chicken special. Here in Brachs they charge $7.99 for a chicken and one pound side dish. The cost is $2/pp! (or $4/pp if you eat 1/2 chicken, in my house 1/4 chicken/pp is enough) When I was up in the Catskills, Meal Mart in South Fallsburg, had tables where you can eat. I wish some of the takeout locations had tables, this way one can get one of cheapest meals around, cheaper than pizza!

                          1. re: MartyB

                            I remember when Wing wan in west hempstead was a small take out place with a couple of tables. big "good" portions of almost real chinese food , reasonable prices no tips to leave (please to don''t say "wok tov" overpriced and nothing llike real chinese food)

                            1. re: MartyB

                              Which is great, but unfortunately I live in Manhattan and don't have a car. Supersol here used to charge the same for that meal as Brach's, but unfortunately has since switched to $9.50. And don't even get me started on what they charge in Manhattan for chicken (or rather, that none of the stores here ever have sales like they do in the Five Towns)....

                              1. re: masteraleph

                                Hankering after a kosher Subway doesn't seem to be aiming very high. However, the appeal of fast service at a certain price point is certainly part of it. Perhaps some people take their kids there so that they can see that they haven't been missing out on much.

                                1. re: Dovid

                                  I would not touch the stuff..processed meats, limp lettuce, etc.New Rochelle deserves better.

                                  1. re: WillieWillie

                                    Yes, the problem with this Subway is not its adherence to kashrut, it's the fact that the food is very very sub-par. Probably not enough turnover for the food to be fresh and for the place to run economically. Wanted to support a local kosher eatery but...

                                    1. re: addictedtolunch

                                      I was very disappointed in both Grill Point and Subway in New Rochelle. Bring back the glatt kosher deli where Grill point is now

                              2. re: MartyB

                                Marty B and I am on the same wavelength regarding this thread; Brach's immediatelly came to my mind as well (before I saw Marty B's post). Just a couple of days ago I got not one, not two, not three, but FOUR individual deli rolls plus TWO POUNDS of grilled vegetables for a mere $11.99 plus tax. Awesome price for that amount of food. Since Brach's has such a massive parking lot and front patio (that has a bench, shopping carts ("wagons" for the New York set), a kiddie merry-go-round, a park bench (usually used by the workers during smoking breaks), why not get rid of that stuff, put out a few tables, and sell hot dogs as well as the other food in the deli case. Perhaps a special license would be required, one that Brach's doesn't currently possess.

                                Whenever I've ordered deli sandwiches at Brach's, I've been told by the deli counter man to get any bread (or rolls) from elsewhere in the store... then he used it to prepare the sandwiches... odd, no? I don't believe I paid for the bread/rolls before the sandwiches were made; I think the price of the bread was incorporated into the price of the sandwiches (what about any leftover bread? Beats me... it's been a while.)

                                Regarding the kosher Subway restaurants, I never understood why KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) never franchised any kosher restaurants in the USA. It seems super easy to have them kosher (unlike Mexican or Italian restaurants that almost always use both meat and dairy products).

                                Years ago I ate at a kosher (mehadrin) KFC in Israel... I was extremely dissapointed that no biscuits or gravy was available! THAT - along with the crispy, moist, and tender fried chicken - would make my face smile, along with the Colonel's.


                          2. Subway New Rochelle now under new management starting next week coming with new prices and menu.
                            Sincerely yours

                            Elisha G.

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