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Feb 17, 2008 07:17 AM

Kosher Subway Now Open In...New Rochelle!

Wow! First Grill Point, now this. Suddenly, New Rochelle is the kosher capital north of NYC. Waiting for Solo's first outpost to popen there... ;)

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  1. A big "Yasher Koach" to the Subways chain for reaching out to the kosher consumer. First Dunkin Donuts then Subways. I hope more major chains join in like they have in Israel.

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    1. re: MartyB

      are there any kosher dunkin donuts in westchester??? i know of the one in riverdale.

    2. I tried to call the Kosher Subway and their telephone number doesn't work. Have you actually seen it open?


      1. where is the new kosher subway in new rochelle located????

        1. Just to clarify: I drove by the store on North Avenue tonight, and they are up and running! They opened a few doors up from Grill Point, it just says SUBWAY, but rest assured, its kasher. They opened 4 days ago.

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          1. re: at9001

            Just to clarify: This was an existing Subway store that just became kosher. I went this past Monday and they still did not have all the items available (steak sub, meatball sub, tuna sub, etc.). Also, prices were very high - 7.99 for six inch corned beef sub. Unfortunately, I don't think that the market is strong enough in the area for this store to survive.

            1. re: LA Hungry

              I have had Grillpoint and Subway food. If a Grillpoint was next to a Subway, I would almost always opt for GP.

              Can someone ask them (GP) when or if the Cedarhurst Grillpoint is opening.

              1. re: LA Hungry

                I went last week. The prices were ridiculously expensive even for kosher food, and the food was not fresh. If I am going to pay 7.99 for a 6 inch sub, the meat should be fresh and not laying there all day long. They are more expensive than the other Subway kosher franchises. Moreover, Grill Point is down the block and much cheaper. I don't see how they make it, unless they figure their act out.

                  1. re: MartyB

                    i did and they were more expensive. Look, the kosher grocery store in New Rochelle couldnt make it, I don't see how a store making overpriced pre-cut deli sandwiches will cut it.

            2. I'm all for cultural comforts and I thought the idea of a Kosher Subway restaurant was AWESOME idea! However, I went into the store today and found out that the subway doesn't sell bacon, ham or cheese? bacon and ham are okay but cheese? I know the Kosher religion doesn't allow meat and cheese I guess what I'm saying is that I wish there was another counter with regular subway foods that include the original subway menu. This way if a Kosher person walks into a regular subway restaurant they can choose the foods that are right for them, and if non-kosher people walk into a kosher subway we too can get what is right for us. That's all. Thanks.

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              1. re: dobdobdo

                No reliable kosher certification agency will allow a restaurant to prepare and sell both kosher and non kosher food.

                1. re: dobdobdo

                  Part of being a kosher restaurant is choosing whether you will sell meat OR dairy, never both. The Kosher laws are very strict about never mixing the two. (That's the way it is in Israel as well.)

                  Mr Taster