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Feb 17, 2008 07:17 AM

Doing the college circuit

I am arriving Tuesday for a few days to hit 6 colleges. We are staying at the Hotel Commonwealth near fenway park. Can anyone give me suggestions for breakfast and dinner places. I do have a car but would prefer to take the T. I am bringing 2- 16 year old girls. We will most likely have lunch at the colleges. Thank you.

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  1. The Commonwealth is in the heart of Kenmore Square, so you're set for dinner places both moderately expensive and quite cheap. Many people rate Eastern Standard, the restaurant in the hotel, very highly for both breakfast and dinner, so definitely give that a try. If I was going to have dinner in Kenmore Square, I'd probably choose India Quality (on Commonwealth Ave heading towards Massachusetts Ave), or if I felt like something quick, cheap and tasty, Uburger (basically directly across from your hotel, on the other side of the bus terminal) makes a fine burger and shake and their fries are justifiably legendary.

    My favorite relatively-nearby breakfast is at Steve's, a Greek diner at 316 Newbury Street. (That's one stop up the Green Line, to Hynes, or it's a pretty easy walk if it's a nice day.) Simple, unpretentious breakfasts -- the oatmeal is really good, if you're into it.

    1. Eastern Standard is right there in the same building and is a really great choice. You will be well taken care of. If the 2 girls you are traveling with like Thai food, you are not far from Brown Sugar which is a favorite with the college students and their parents. Petit Robert Bistro is also very popular in that area. I can also recommend The Elephant Walk. (You can do a search on this board for all of the reviews and further information.) My 2 daughters like the Trident on Newbury Street for breakfasts; it is also a book store which is fun if they like that kind of an atmosphere. It's not too far from your hotel.
      The Hotel Commonwealth is a wonderful place; my daughter and I stayed there while we were looking at colleges and we had a great experience. They'll be helpful to you in every way.

      1. For dinner: You'd do us a favor giving reccos if you could tell us what colleges the girls are looking at - that is if you want to give them a feel for the neighborhoods they might be living in. BC/BU would be Brighton/Allston, Tufts - Medford/Somerville, Harvard - Cambridge, Emerson - downtown Boston, next door to Chinatown, etc. You can get to all those neighborhoods on the T and there are tons of threads on this board about restaurants in all those places. But anyone going to any of those schools is not likely to spend a lot of time in the other neighborhoods.

        Hope this helps.

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          The girls are looking at Tufts, Brandies, BU, BC, harvard, and Northeastern. I'm sure they won't end up even in the same city. We are ending the first afternoon at Harvard so maybe in the Cambridge area. What kind of food is the eastern standard?

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            Let's see, Brandeis is in Waltham, and there's a great Mexican place in Waltham called Taqueria Mexico, at 24 Charles Street. (I'm originally from Texas and New Mexico, and this is one of the few Mexican places in the area that has my seal of approval.) They're open pretty late, so you can certainly have dinner there.

            There's a thread on breakfast options in Waltham here, but I ahven't been to any of these places:


            Eastern Standard is kind of a casual American Bistro sort of place. Nothing too fancy or unusual, but solid.

        2. Great bites near
          BU - Eastern Standard OR Zaftig's in Coolidge Corner
          BC - The Fireplace or The Publik House, both on Beacon ST in Washington Square
          Brandeis - Solea on Moody St
          Tufts - Gargoyle's in Davis Square or Anna's Tacqueria
          Harvard - Bartley's Burger Cottage OR Wagamama
          Northeastern - Sasso on Huntington or Mission Hill Pub of the Green E line at Brigham Circle

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            you should check-out Simmons College - great school

          2. Here's a link to a thread from a few months ago with some overlap (Tufts, Brandeis, BU). I made some recs for Brandeis-area on this thread.