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Feb 17, 2008 06:54 AM

Cross Country, I-80


I am making my first trip cross county, helping a family member move. We will be going from Colorado Springs through Cheyenne, and then due east on I-80 all the way through to Ohio, and then bounce up to western New York.

Can anyone recommend some good stops off of I-80, they should be realtively close to an exit (1/2 hour or so). Anything is okay, regional specialties, awesome diner, novelty, or ethnic.



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  1. Here are places where you can find plenty of recommendations for stops along your route:

    Iowa City -
    Northwest Indiana -
    South Bend -
    Toledo - and

    I'm sure you can find more topics for other cities you will be passing through, including Omaha, Des Moines, and the Quad Cities.

    In the Chicago area, I recommend Amanacer Tapatio in Joliet for Mexican food, Tallgrass in Lockport for fine dining, and Tin Fish in Tinley Park for seafood; all are reasonably close to I-80.

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      I have been doing more searching since I posted, and yes, I have found a lot of answers for Iowa and some for NE. Omaha and Cheyenne seemed weak, but perhaps we can make up for it once we get into Iowa and beyond.

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        You gotta have a pork tenderloin while passing through Iowa (or, I suppose, Indiana ) If you want typical road food your choices are plentiful, although you might have to make a ten to 15 minute drive off the main road to get the really good stuff. Darrel's in Hamlin is worth a stop for their award winning pork tenderloin. Susie's in Stanton has great Swedish Pancakes and the Farmer's Kitchen in Atlantic is good for just about anything, but particularly pie and hot beef sandwiches.

    2. Novelty? Runza is a Nebraska chain that specializes in "ovenstuff'd" sandwiches, though I'd rather eat cardboard. You might like it (Runza, not cardboard).

      Another novelty? Well, I suppose Maid-Rite loose meat sandwiches would qualify, though I'd rather eat Runza. The chain is based in Iowa.

      No, I'd rather eat at Johnny's Cafe in Omaha. Fine steaks and an upscale steakhouse atmosphere that has the feel of a place where cattle barons do "bidness."

      Wilton's Candy Kitchen is a couple of miles off I-80 in eastern Iowa, but I'm not sure it's open in winter. It may be the oldest soda fountain in the nation, according to Michael Stern of Roadfood ( A lot of atmosphere there.

        1. For the best cajun food in Illinois & the best I have outside of NOLA, Ron's Cajun Connection. about 5 minutes off I-80 at the Utica, Illinois exit. Open on Thurs-Sat @ 4 p.m., and on Sundays 12-5.

          the Amanacer Tapatio rec. is a good one, some of the best authentic Mexican food in all of Chicagoland. A little far off I-80, but you can get there in under 30 mins. A couple tips, it is cash only, and order off the chalkboard of daily specials.

          Amanacer Tapatio
          700 Ruby Street
          Joliet, IL.

          enjoy your cross country trip.

          1. Iowa I-80 truckstop Walcott,Newton & Grinnell Maidrites,Sully Coffeecup,Elkhorn Danish Inn or Larsen's,Omaha Louie M's.B Bops, Steak n Shake and Culvers are better chains.More options in evening depending where you stay the night.