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Alta - any favorite dishes?

going to Alta tonight - anyone have any favorite dishes there they would recommend?

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  1. You must get the Moroccan spiced cashews!!! They are so good! Also the spinach salad with dried cranberries and the fried goat cheese with honey were both very good.

    1. I'm too late for calconscious, but I went to Alta last night and the table's favorites were the spinach salad, the crispy brussels sprouts, the bacon-wrapped dates, the smoked eggplant and lebne dip, and the trumpet mushrooms (we ordered mostly veggie things).

      1. i like the following (i've eaten there twice in the last month or so):
        - trout - pretty simple preparation, but tasty
        - lamb meatballs
        - brussel sprouts - i don't really like brussel sprouts, but these are excellent
        - duck confit
        - fried goat cheese with honey
        - sauteed frog legs - i know it might seem gross to some people, but it really does taste like very tender chicken and its very good
        - panna cotta - pretty good

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          you can never go wrong with the brussel sprouts. the mussels are good, but they are what they are. i remember trying the squid ink paella and anchovies last time and being less than impressed with both. on the whole though, i don't think i've ever had anything that i didn't enjoy from alta.

        2. Having been to Alta two Fridays ago, I LOVED the brussels sprouts the most of the 14 dishes we've tried. The other notable ones were the lamb meatballs, the smoked eggplant dip, coca flatbread, and the fried goat cheese.

          If you would like to read about that dinner with photos, you may follow the link:

          1. I also just visited Alta for the first time this past weekend. The brussel sprouts, fried goat cheese, sea scallops, avocado relleno, and cubano were all excellent choices. I have to make a special note to everyone regarding the rabbitt confit offered this past wekeend. If it's on the menu, get it! By far the best dish of the meal.
            The Philadelphia truffle surprise is basically cream cheese in fried dough, which I found too rich. The boquerones, fluke ceviche, and the chirizo wrapped shrimp were all good, but not nearly as good as what I listed above.

            1. I really enjoyed the bacon wrapped dates, and the coca. Our server recommended a really delicious rioja that wasn't too pricey. I wish i remembered the name/year.

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                I went last night for the first time- i pretty much second all the dishes already mentioned. I LOVED the brussel sprouts and just know ill be jonesing for them. The coca was awesome, as were the bacon wrapped olive/dates and the chorizo wrapped shrimp. we just grabbed seats at the bar and ate there.

                question though- has anyone had a problem with surly bartenders there? The two women that had our seas ahead of us were complaining and i chalked it up to general grumpiness on their part. Upon sitting down however, they were totally right. The bartender had a serious attitude! We were having a good time, ordering plenty, not in a rush and we STILL got an attitude.... luckily we enjoyed our food so much it didnt affect us much... but yikes.

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                  I've only dined once at the bar, I believe it was an early Sunday evening and me and a friend just grabbed 2 or 3 plates and a glass of wine, place was pretty empty and had no problems with attitude from the bartender at all.

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                    I did on my first time there--empty bar, just went for drinks, and got a lot of attitude. Since, service has been fine. In fact, my sister and I went just for drinks and ended up also ordering the Spanish cheese plate after a couple of sangrias. The cheese plate was great, and the bartender was very helpful even though the bar was packed and we weren't ordering a lot.

                2. I just had dinner at Alta tonight and the standouts were the mussels, wok seared octopus, brussel sprouts, scallops and the lamb sausage. The fried goat cheese was delicious but heavy. It would have been great if they served some bread on the side. Steak was boring, skip it.

                  1. brussel sprouts, cheese and honey balls, lamb, Philadelphia surprise, carpaccio