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Feb 17, 2008 06:04 AM

Sichuan restaurants in NJ, as close to fort lee as humanly possible

I dont own a car and for some reason the port authority makes it as difficult as humanly possible to actually figure out where the buses go that leave from the GB bridge station on 178th street in manhattan, so!

I am looking for a restaurant that serves authentic sichuan food in NJ, and if at all possible it should be within say 10 miles of Fort Lee. If you know a bus route from GWB you get bonus points. :)

Any help appreciated!!

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  1. Can't really help you with this one. Chengdu 1 is the only really authentic Sichuan in the area, and that's in Cedar Grove, near Montclair. China 46 had some nice Sichuan dishes but it closed last year. There's also another place in Florham Park but you might as well go to Chengdu 1 if you are going to make the effort.

    The best Chinese restaurant in your immediate area is arguably Petite Soochow in Cliffside Park, which is Shanghainese. If you go to my blog and search on it theres a ton of photos on it there, as well as for Chengdu 1.

    Obviously if you live in Manhattan you have some pretty excellent Sichuan restaurants. Grand Sichuan International, Wu Liang Le, just for starters.