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Feb 17, 2008 05:14 AM

Best Chinese on the South shore??

Hello all,
Do any of you have any reccomendations to the best chinese on the South shore? I know about the new great Chow in Abington and would like to try that, but saw on this board about the drinks being way over priced. I was hoping to find a hidden jewel that is a clean place with great food from Quincy to the Cape cod canal worth trying.

One trend I notice about the lower end places is that when you order chicken terriyaki instead of being made with the white meat tender they use fatty dark meat pieces which is a real turn off! Has anybody else experienced this?

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  1. Well Quincy has some good places, I like both East Chinatown, and Lucky 68 (68 billings road, Quincy MA). They are fairly reliable Cantonese places with roast meats. East Chinatown is a bit fancier (and has lots of seafood), Lucky 68 is very unfancy but always has a seat, and the best of the roast meats are awesome. (There is also a new place near Genario's that looks ok, but never tried it, and a new place in the Kam man center that looks decent, but never tried it.) Also there is the new China Pearl in the Kam man center that is excellent for dim-sum, never tried menu food there.

    However if you are ordering teriyaki chicken, that isn't Chinese food that you are looking for, but rather American Chinese/American Japanese. (And for me dark meat is almost always the superior choice, it tastes like chicken...)

    East Chinatown Restaurant
    415 Hancock St, Quincy, MA 02171

    1. Agree about the dim sum at China Pearl. We’ve been to Quincy Dynasty lately and like the seafood and tofu hotpot, steamed bass, sautéed Chinese broccoli, and mango pudding.

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        I agree - Quincy Dynasty has fabulous crab rangoons and their vegetables are delicious...I like the sauteed chinese broccoli and the sauteed pea shoots when they have it on the specials menu.The chicken with ginger and scallions is also yummy as are many of their noodle dishes. And the place is never crowded (which I do not understand as the food is MUCH better than many Quincy chinese food restaurants).

      2. We have recently had very good food at Quincy Dynasty. They're great with seafood, and have many good noodle dishes. Veggies are always good. I really like the '50's/'60's feel of the decor. The place is kept clean, and the service is pleasant.

        1. I agree with everyone about Quincy Dynasty, China Pearl and East Chinatown. Those are my favorites in Quincy.

          I'll add one more, that's also on my top list of Chinese. Mandarin King, on Washington St. in Quincy Point (just before the Fore River Bridge). Excellent Mandarin/Hunan cuisine. A bit different from the Cantonese focus of the other places. The food is fresh, tasty and not greasy like Chinese food can be sometimes.

          1. Thanks for all the recomendations. I am still in my Little Q Mongolian hot pot swoon, but there is so much Quincy has to offer. Lots of great chefs, cooks, ingredients and concepts.

            Taiwan Cafe, just outside Little Q has great soups, dumplings and some hard to find breakfast foods.

            Off topic, but Pubjab Cafe on RT 3A has fine Indian food in an unexpectedly nice atmosphere.