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Jan 7, 2002 04:22 PM

Anything near Burbank airport

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Anyone know a good lunch spot nearish the Burbank airport? We are headed from there toward Ventura to Bell Canyon.

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  1. A bit of a drive but not especially out of your way (I'll give you directions). Also, you didn't specify food type so I'm going to make just one recommendation: Skaf's Grill on Laurel Canyon Blvd. and Oxnard Bl. in North Hollywood. It's set in a minimall with horrendous parking and a 7-11 but you can park on Laurel Cyn. under the freeway.

    Lebanese food, simply prepared, and Sam always has a daily special available - his kibbeh is REALLY, REALLY good, and the kefte is out of this world.

    Prices are cheap - it's Lebanese food. Hummous, pita and salad come with all entrees.

    Directions from BUR: go south on Hollywood Way and turn left on Burbank Bl. Turn IMMEDIATELY right on Edison Bl. (divided road), which will curve left and become Oxnard Bl. It'll be 2-3 miles or so on your right.

    Alternatively, you can go south on Hollywood Way, turn right on Victory, which is a faster road, and then left on Laurel Canyon. It's just past the freeway underpass.

    Oxnard Bl. has an exit on the 170 northbound as well.

    1. Okay. I've kept this one a secret for way too long. Thai Room on Hollywood Way and Clark in Burbank. This is a divey neighborhood place that is big on delivery. However, they do have a nice patio for lunch on a warm day. We visit this place at least once a week. My favorite dishes are: Mint Beef, Garlic shrimp, The tom yum kung soup can't be beat, the pad thai is very good ( I have been to many thai restaurants here in Los Angeles and all had greasy aftertaste), the teriyaki Salmon is a bargain. I know some of these dishes are not traditional thai but they are all wonderful.

      This is a family restaurant that we usually visit on Friday nights. The owner (Pat) occasionally will share some of her off the menu specialities.

      **bonus** this place is a bargain. most dishes are under $7

      **bonus #2** you can BYOB (rite-aid is right up the street)

      IMHO, this place beats all the rest here in L.A.

      hope this helps someone.


      ps tell pat I sent you.

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        Okay, I tried your Thai Room and I wasn't quite as happy as you sound. There was a bug in my won ton soup (the won tons were awful) and the pad thai was 'eh'. The waitress really didn't understand anything we said so we got one wrong dish - which ended up being the best of the three. We ordered Garlic Beef but it had no garlic we could taste or see. The crab fried rice was okay as well (mostly imitation). I was really looking forward to great meal from your write up and was a little disapointed. It was pretty cheap and sitting outside was nice. But I don't think I'll be going back anytime soon.