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Feb 16, 2008 08:55 PM

Please help with so many choices!

Heading into NO to eat my way through town and show my ever loving support to this great city.

Here are the places I’ve eaten:

Commander's Palace
Bon Ton

Here are the places I want to try this time. I prefer casual dress places.

Mr. B's
Dick & Jenny’s
Praline Connection
Jacques-Imo's Café

I only have time for two lunches and two dinners, which one should I cut out and save for next year? Or, should I add a different one?

Thanks for all your help!

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  1. Dick & Jenny's isn't open for lunch, so that eliminates one option. They open at 5:30 and get there early, since there are no reservations.

    1. I would cut praline connection as it's pretty touristy and can be hit or miss.

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        The one time I ate at Praline Connection it was not good. The food was room temperature and just average or below in taste. Hubby and I love Red Fish Grill and Bourbon House. Another place to go and at least have a drink is Napoleon House. I like the food there but others would say to just go for the Pimm's Cup and sit in the courtyard if you can. I love that place, muff, jambalaya, red beans and all! It's inexpensive and unpretentious. Last time we went and ate in the courtyard it rained but the umbrellas kept us dry. It was fun.

      2. Dinners: Dick & Jenny's and Cochon
        Lunch: Mr. B's and I would sub Casamento's or any little cafe on Magazine St.

        Are you going to be downtown or uptown? Where are you staying? We can probably recommmend some places in walking distance if you want to walk to lunch.

        I am not a fan of Jacque-Imo's because I have only been once and it was gross. I ordered some mahi mahi dish that tasted like teriyaki but wasn't supposed to be. It was also way more expensive than I thought it should be considering the decor and the food. If you get the fried chicken or other things they are famous for, you would probably enjoy it though. I love Dick & Jenny's and it is fun to wait and have drinks so don't worry about the wait.

        Never been to the Praline Connection.

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          Thank you for all of your replies.

          I crossed out Praline Connection

          Any thoughts on Cafe Reconcile?

          1. re: debbieeats

            Never been to Reconcile but just watched Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations where he goes to NOLA and the segment on Cafe Reconcile made me cry.

            It is really such an awesome program that they have going there, I would go just to support the mission.

            1. re: lawstudent

              amen to that. where is it located exactly again?

        2. I would try Cafe Reconcile for lunch....good eats at very reasonable price. Also Dick and Jenny's and Cochon would be awesome meals. Went to both recently and was blown away at each, especially Cochon - true Cajun flavor!