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Feb 16, 2008 08:49 PM

Chicken past the sell-by date: OK?

I have what appears to be a perfectly fine free range Bell and Evans whole chicken in my fridge (wrapped in plastic) that has a sell-by date of Feb. 10. I meant to salt it but forgot.

Am I going to kill us if I roast it up tomorrow for dinner?

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  1. When did you buy this bird? Is it 6 days old or older? Personally, I would not eat a six day old bird. If I don't use poultry by the second day after I've bought it, I freeze it to use later. Any older than that, it begins to taste off, but perhaps I'm picky. Anyone?

      1. I would not use a chicken that is a week out of date. I have used chicken out of date a day, two tops, making sure to cook throughly, with not ill effects but a week I feel is pushing your luck.


        1. Please can I send my Mother-in-Law over for dinner?

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          1. re: Robin Joy

            hahaha... that was hilarious.....

            But, SLOLindsay, not only is a week past the due date, but the butchers generally recommend using/freezing any poultry product within two days of buying it anyway... so.... I think you better toss it.

          2. jfood is surprised it does not stink by now.

            that bird should see the blades of the disposal as quickly as possible

            out with the bird is jfood recommendation.

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            1. re: jfood

              take jfood's rec if you want to wreck (ha) your disposal!