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Feb 16, 2008 08:47 PM

smoked fishfrom Superior Wisconson

Can anyone give me feedback on Lake superior fish company,am interested on ordering some smoked fish from them,but would first like to hear from someone if It's worth it and if It's a reputable company.

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  1. I can't tell you anything about Lake Superior Fish Co. There are a lot of smoked fish companies on the north and south shores of Lake Superior. The only one I have ever purchased from is Kendall's Smoke House in Knife River, Mn. It is on Hwy 61. I purchased fish right at their store, but I know they ship out in the winter time. Theirs is a family run operation. Their product is excellent, especially anything that is " sugar smoked ". Unfortunately, I don't think they have a website. Here is the text of a ad they have at

    Russ Kendall's Smoked Fish House
    Scenic 61 in Knife River :: 218-834-5995

    "We Smoke Our Own". Ciscoes, trout, white fish, herring, salmon, - brown sugar trout and salmon our specialty, great variety of cheese, gifts, antiques, and home-smoked beef jerky.

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      Mikelock recently did a nice little report on Russ Kendall's, too:


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        thank you all.
        Ordered smoked fish from Russ Kendall's today, they only ship out on monday's so I'll let you know how it is when I get it.

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          I live in Michigan and for years I've purchased smoked fish from Carlson's in Leland Michigan. They don't have online sales but I think if you call/email them they do have catalog ordering.

          Address: 205 W. River - PO Box 406, Leland, Michigan 49654
          Phone: 231-256-9801

    2. Hello,
      better late than never!!,I lived in Duluth for over 20 years and hit every smoked fish-house there was up the north shore of lake superior,,kendalls/AWESOME SUGAR SMOKED SALMON!!!!Also louie Kemps,good stuff...i drove once a week for my fix of smoked fish,their homemade cheese's,ciscoes,etc,,But Kendalls smoke house is totally worth ordering!!!!!Thats what im doing now,i live in Albuquerque new mexico,,and they look at you like your nuts when you say ''sugar smoked salmon'',,im willing to pay top dollar to have my favoriate!!!ORDER IT!!

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        Has anyone gotten fish at Russ's brothers place down the road by the same name....kendall's? There is a family feud and the employees at Russ's will tell you that his brother uses rotten fish, rancid smoke, etc...Has anyone ever compared?

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          I have ordered smoked fish from Russ Kendells 3 times and have been totally satisfied with each order but today in my Saveur magazine I read about Charlies smokehouse in Ellison Bay,Wi they have it priced at $17.50 for a 3 pound order of smoked trout, that is a big big difference in price, where as one pays $42.00 for 3 pounds at russ Kendell, so my question to my fellow chowhounds is this has anyone ever gotten any fish from Charlies?????here also is their website please reply.