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Feb 16, 2008 08:38 PM

Nashville Airport Chow

I will be getting in about 9pm on a Sat. night, any good chow in the airport area (same as hotel)? Good BBQ would be great.

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  1. There's a Bar-B-Cutie on Donelson Pike near the airport. It's a local BBQ chain that pretty good...not great. That's about it in the way of barbecue near the airport. There's a good non-BBQ restaurant also just off of Donelson Pike called Ellendale's.

    Ellendale's Restaurant
    2739 Old Elm Hill Pike, Nashville, TN 37214

    501 Donelson Pike, Nashville, TN 37214

    1. A barbecue place opened in the airport late in 07 -- I passed it on the way to Florida over C-mas and thought what a smart move it was. It's either Neely's (YUM!) or Whitt's (not our best, but not bad).

      Ellendale's is just a mile or so away right off Donelson Pike, which is one of the roads bordering the airport. Call to be sure they serve that late.

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        There has been a Whitt's there since at least Fall 2005. Back then, I ate there on a layover to Cleveland and again Monday last week.

        They have a limited menu. Pulled pork, potato salad, cole slaw (barely dressed shredded cabbage). To this hungry Left Coaster, the moist, slightly spicy pulled pork tasted pretty good. I liked the potato salad too. Slightly underdone potatoes (works for me) in a vinegary dressing.

        Next door is a soul food place, Swett's. The greens and yams looked good, but the chicken and pork chops looked small and dried out. Next time through, think I will have a pulled pork sandwich ala carte from Whitt's and sides from Swett's.