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Feb 16, 2008 08:03 PM

18th birthday dinner

Hello. We have an Indonesian exchange student living with our family. His eighteenth birthday is next week. He would like to eat either Japanese food or pasta. We will take him anywhere in Seattle, price does not matter. Also, he and my son usually have a couple hours of homework every night. As such, we want to dine early and somewhat quickly. What are your suggestions? Thanks for your help.

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  1. Because Todai is a buffet, it's great for a quick dinner...I really appreciate the diversity of their offerings: sushi, teriyaki, udon, ramen, salads, etc. And while you said price is not an issue, they do have a birthday special...

    Also really like a new place I tried the other day called Bada Sushi...They specialize in Korean sashimi, but their japanese dishes are impeccabley executed and each and every one of the 8 - 10 appetizer dishes was delicious. I'd recommend getting one of the live sashimi combos which includes a huge assortment of sashimi, 8 - 10 little appetizer dishes and a spicy seafood soup made from the same live fish used for the sashimi. Only con is that it's a little expensive, but definitely an experience worth trying.

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      Chinoise is pan-Asian, has good sushi, lots of noodle options. they have 2 locations and you can be in and out in a reasonable timeframe.

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        went to check out Bada, these combos are up to $200 per person, so we passed on it. They seemed to be out of several items that we asked for (uni, aji, salmon belly and hamachi belly, some other fish on their menu) so we left and went further down the road to another Korean sushi place, Sushi Moto. Aside from the fact that a couple of us had stomach issues immediately after eating there, they also had a couple odd items on their roll menu, such as the 9-11 roll and the Katrina roll, which seemed a bit tacky, if not offensive.

      2. Check out Boom Noodle on Cap Hill. Hip, urban, funky, has some unusual dishes. Brought to you by the Blue C Sushi folks.

        1. Malay Satay Hut (OK, not Japanese, but great Malay)
          Samurai Noodle (very fast - get the Tetsu Hellfire..)
          Green Village for many noodle options

          1. if you're going for buffet, i actually prefer Blue Fin Sushi and Seafood Buffet in Northgate rather than Todai..

            1. For pasta, I'd go to Rialto in North Greenlake (get the alfredo, OMG). If you want Japanese food, you could do the buffets mentioned by other posters or I love Maneki in the ID (make reservations!) or Aoki on Broadway in Cap Hill. Both have excellent sushi and other Japanese dishes, with excellent quality.