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Feb 16, 2008 07:24 PM

best burger ever--at a French restaurant!

How ironic. I've just had the best burger and fries I've had in, maybe EVER, and it was from a French restaurant! Well, kind of French--Comme Ca in WeHo. I cannot believe how good it was. I went in for brunch, all set for some sort of egg dish, but the burger sounded good so...oh my, I'm glad I did! The meat was excellent quality, very flavorful--not to lean, not to fatty, and cooked to medium rare perfection. The bun is brioche, and the cheese is a great cheddar. It really tastes like a classic burger, with no need for the "exotic" toppings like bleu cheese or caramelized onions--(NOT that there's anything wrong with that, it just makes it a totally different sandwich...) And the fries...real pommes frites, definitely twice fried, served with a wonderful aioli. (I asked for a bit of fleur de sel to top them with, and was immediately obliged) And just when we thought we couldn't eat another bite, the wonderful man behind the cheese station (yeah! a cheese station!) offered us some hot gougeres, fresh from the oven...SO delicious...these were probably how the term "melt in your mouth" got its start. I will definitely be back to try more things, but from now on, when I want an amazing burger, this is where I will go.

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  1. If you ever find yourself in Laguna Beach at mealtime try the burger at Brussels Bistro on Forest Avenue. This Belgian bistro has a full menu and Stella Artois on tap and the burger is just incredible. It's served on a wood board, on thick-cut French Bread and comes with a small field green salad, Belgian fries (YUM!!!!!) and a great aoli. When we first discovered this place the burger was $9.95 and it's now $11.50 but it's still well worth every penny. Who'da thunk French bistros could get a burger so right.

    1. Interesting. Always on the lookout for a good burger and fries. What's the scene at this place like?

      Comme Ça
      8479 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069

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        Pretty upscale, definitely an LA Scene, with a little French sprinkled over the top...It's for sure not a "burger" place at all--the decor is kind of a whitewashed bistro. And we went during the day--I hear at night that it's pretty swanky.

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          It's very "Balthazar." (Am assuming you've been to it in NYC.) The menu's a duplicate of Balthazar and Pastis, and the ambiance attempts to follow -- it's our first "classic" French bistro, as interpreted by NY, in LA. Interesting about the burger ;-)

          1. re: DanaB

            Two clarifications:

            Pastis = the famous one in New York, not our little unrelated (underrated) one on Beverly

            And be warned, the burger at Comme Ca is only available at lunch.

        2. I'm sorry that I didn't try the burger last time that I was there. I was unimpressed with what I ordered and left feeling that I really didn't have a reason to return. Now I am willing to in order to get a great burger. Thanks.

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            I love seeing Brussels Bistro get a nod! Nice pull. We used to go there all the time but it's been almost a year since our last trip. The beer selection is great. I think I had steak frites for my last meal there but I also remember the burger being fabulous.

            R. Jason Coulston