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Feb 16, 2008 06:50 PM

Delivery in Berkeley?

There used to be a website that listed many restaraunts in the East Bay that deliver. Anyone have a link to this? Looking especially for good delivery thai. Thanks!

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  1. Lucky House on University Ave in Berkeley is lao/thai food and delivers. They have good pad thai, hot and sour noodle soup and curry dishes.

    1. Here is a link that might help.Some pages are more current than others.

      1. 'berkeley thai delivery' gives a variety of pages.

        I've eaten in at both, they're not bad. I currently don't like any thai in berkeley overmuch, so I won't rave either of these cats.

        Short answer: delivery doesn't really exist in the east bay. Not even any waiters on wheels there. Become accustomed to phoning take-out orders, or pizza.

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          This isn't what the OP asked for but though there isn't waiter on wheels, there is a similar service called ezdine

          If you search Chow Places for "East Bay" and delivery, there are currently over 70 hits.

          Narrowing the search to Berkeley and delivery produces 17 hits ... however some places like Lanesplitter in Albany cross borders into different cities so it wouldn't show on this list of 17.