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Feb 16, 2008 06:41 PM


I would really appreciate any remarks about Madrid restaurants Zaranda, Arce and Montana, especially from folks who with 2007-2008 experiences. Many thanks. 1Willow

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  1. I ate at Arce last Friday (Feb. 15). I went to La Broche for lunch, then had dinner at Arce. I thought Arce was excellent, not just because of the food, but also because of the very cozy atmosphere and the individualized attention from the chef (he sits down with you before the meal and discusses your preferences, then tailors the menu to them). Although I'm blanking on all the dishes we had, some of my appetizers were: truffle slices on a bed of jamon and crepe; and egg yolk in a fried potato cup (think more like potato chip). My entree was a sole with a green mustard sauce and some fried chives (I think). Everything was delicious, and we thought about going back for dinner on Saturday, but wanted to try something else as time in Madrid was limited.

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      Thank you so much. This is so helpful!

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        We have dinner reservation at Arce next week--very excited about that. When I attempted to book table at Montana, I was advised that the restaurant had closed but new incarnation as La Lumbre on Casa de la Fuente. Anyone else with info? Thank you. 1Willow

    2. Arce is one of my favorite restaurant in Madrid. My most recent meal last October was excellent. Chef recommended tasting menu: saute foie gras, salmon tartare, seafood croquetas, roasted cigales, beef with wild mushrooms and assorted items from the pastry table. Allow plenty of time for a leisurely dinner. I've written many posts on Arce on this board.
      I have not eaten at either Zaranda and Montana but would appreciated a post if you dine there,

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        Thank you very much PBSF. I am new to Chowhound, preparing for a trip to Spain in a few weeks. I've read your many reviews with great interest. Just wanted to get an idea of current situation. Great to know your recent dinner at Arce was so good.

      2. Does the chef from Arce speak good English so that when he sits down with you to discuss the meal, he understands and can explain various foods?

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          Chef Inaki Camba of Arce speaks some English, so with some patience, one should not have much problem agreeing on a suitable menu. If one wishes for a lengthy discussion, knowing some Spanish or French would be helpful.

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            He's very patient-he spent about 5 minutes just to clarify the type of fish he proposed to prepare for us...Arce is a great restaurant-you'll leave wishing you could be a regular.