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Feb 16, 2008 06:27 PM

CV Rich Mansion WP- great or no?

has anyone had their wedding here and if so, how was it? i can only find 1 or 2 pix on web..does anyone have more pictures of this place? i would love to see them before i wast my time :)

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  1. i've been here for a couple of occasions......the place is gorgeous (especially spring and summer with all the "bloomage").......
    in my opinion though, the food was just ehh......nothing to do cartwheels about.....

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      We looked at it and liked it, however the mansion is not air conditioned so we were concerned about the heat. Never tried the food, they have a tasting night but we didn't go.

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        we were "frying" along with the mostly fried apps. out on the beautiful veranda!the dining room was ac and so were one of the rooms used for cocktail hour. Any room close to the outdoor space was sweat city- lots of shiny faced guests!

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          We've been there for events during the summer and I believe there was air conditioning.

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            We had our wedding there 8 years ago (August 2000). At that time they had air conditioning in the ballroom, but not the main house. We decided to take the chance and were very happy with the result.

            At that time, they were also run by the White Plains Women's Club, had an internal chef (fantastic), were reasonably priced, and required you to bring your own alcohol and cake. Since most wine and cake served by traditional wedding halls is not very good, those last two were actually big sellers for us. We are one of the few weddings I've been to where the champagne was drinkable.

            Being, well, me, I've kept my eye on this place, and it looks like it is now run by an outside caterer, so my food/beverage experiences (unfortunately) probably don't apply - although I was a Nita Lowey function there in 2008, and the food was pretty good. Mostly I was focused on the nostalgia factor of being in those beautiful rooms, so I didn't pay a lot of attention to the eats.

            On a side note: For the cake we used Riviera. I have seen mixed reviews of that bakery here, but our cake was beautiful and extremely good, made with real butter cream. People still talk about our wedding cake as one of the best they've ever had. Of course, again, that was 8 years ago, Riviera has moved, put out a book, and may have gone downhill some, but that was my experience.

      2. We had our wedding there in 2003. The main hall was air conditioned, but the mansion itself wasn't, which was the only drawback for our Aug. 2 celebration.

        I can't vouch for the food anymore, but our guests universally enjoyed ours- the highlights being a duck breast and a cake from Riviera in Ardsley. First Class caterers was with them then and they did a tasting the first Tuesday of every month.

        A friend of ours looked at it recently and said the prices had gone up considerably and that a different caterer was working with the mansion.

        Here are some pics of the lawn, rooms, and main hall.


        1. I had my wedding there on 10/6/01. It was just after the new caterers took over (the owners of Sam's of Gedney Way). The service I received was outstanding. No detail was overlooked. I had both my ceremony and reception there. It had rained that morning, but closer to ceremony time, it seemed to be holding off, so we decided to try having the ceremony outdoors. As soon as the decision was made, the staff mobilized and had the chairs set up in a matter of minutes.

          Food was pretty good. It was fairly standard fare. Like a lot of these types of catering halls, the appetizers were probably better than the main course. Service at dinner was very efficient.

          It was nice that we had the living room, sun room, and veranda open to us for the cocktail hour. They're all lovely.

          It's funny, after the ceremony I was dying for a glass of wine. The bar was set up in the sun room. I made my way over there and saw a few people on line ahead of me. I was waiting for them to order when the bartender looked at me and asked me what I want. It didn't occur to me until much later that he was waiting on me first because I was THE BRIDE. I guess I was no bridezilla if I didn't even expect the woman in the white dress to have priority service. :-D

          I have pictures. YOu can see how the day started out bad and ended up sunny in the photos.

          (Just to warn you, any thumbnail you see with a small blond child on it will take you to a dead link as our ring bearer's parents requested they not have their photos and their son's photos on the internet).

          1. We're having our wedding there in the fall. We looked everywhere and instantly fell for the charm and the huge ballroom. Haven't gone to a tasting yet but my parents did and they said it was okay. I think if you make the right selections and work with the chef, you can make any meal fabulous. Their cakes are now being done exclusively by LuLu's Bakery in Scarsdale, I believe. Joanne, the woman you will work with, is nothing short of fabulous. Good Luck!

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              I'm glad to hear Joanne is still there. She really did a fantastic job with running things. What a stickler for detail. I tripped a bit on the damp ground comingback up the aisle and got some mud on my dress. While I stood on the receiving line waiting for the guests to come through, Joanne was down on her knees with a pitcher of water cleaning my dress off!

            2. A co-worker of mine had a wedding there, is its the same place I think its on Ridegeway? somewhere near Ridgeway Country Club. It was back in November of '07 so didn't really notice any problems about the air conditioner, but then again it was cold outside. The food was pretty good, the flowers were very elegant and pretty (I don't know if they do their own flowers) the cake was the best part it was coconut -- all in all I would say they create really good food and baked an awesome wedding cake.

              The only other place I've ever been to for a wedding (in Westchester that is) was at Tappan Hill. The site and the rooms and view were more stunning than CV Mansion, but the food at CV Mansion was way better.

              We are going to a party at Blue Hill next weekend -- will let you know how that goes!

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