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Sawtelle Gem

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This weekend we went back to 2117 Sawtelle, a small restaurant in a strip mall on Sawtelle, just north of Olympic. The chef is Japanese, as is the waitstaff, but the food isn't. We all chose the prix fixe option. For $38 you choose from their soup and salad, the appetizer section, a main course and it comes with dessert. There was a delicious amuse to start; lobster meat served in a martini glass with lobster aspic and a lovely sauce. I had the three tiered crab salad first. Crab meat with chopped tomato, avocado and lettuce with a mild wasabi based dressing. Then a delicious duck eggroll, followed by quail on a potato gallette with sweetbreads and asparagus. The dessert was an assortment of goodies, which included a creme brulee in an aluminum foil sort of cup which didn't go with the rest of the meal. We were able to get a reservation on Saturday night although we didn't call until 3pm or so on Saturday afternoon. This restaurant used to be Cafe Katsu.

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    Michael Robertson Moore

    I've never had a bad meal at 2117. And the staff may be the nicest in town.

    1. I believe they also have a minimal corkage fee ($5).