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Feb 16, 2008 06:14 PM

Where to eat near Tampa Bay beaches?

Whenever we drive over to Fort DeSoto or Honeymoon Island, we are always stumped as to where to eat. We'd welcome your ideas--high end, low end, and anything in between. We're always in the mood for seafood, but no cuisine is off limits except maybe BBQ, since one of us is vegetarian; but if the sides are good enough, even that's a go. Thanks!

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  1. For Ft. DeSoto:

    1. Billy's Stone Crab in Tierra Verde
    2. Mid-Peninsula Seafood in St. Pete
    3. Ted Peters in S. Pasadena


    1. Keegan's Grill at Indian Rocks Beach never misses. I've been going there for at leat 12 years. The grilled octopus is really good, but I can't think of anything that isn't.

      On Tierra Verde, JoJos is a non-descript little Italian place with fantastic food and enormous portions. Don't miss the tomato salad.

      Billy's in Tierra Verde has been hit-or-miss for me. I've had some good meals there, especially durning stone crab season. The rubber lobster I had on a Superbowl Sunday two years ago pretty much put me off of it.

      The Crazy Conch in Tierra Verde was very good the one time that I was there, but pricy.

      I must be the only person in the world who doesn't like Ted Peters. Yeah, I know it's an institution. But I'm not a burger fan, and lets face it, the menu is very limited. I've tried the smoked fish twice - different occasions, different fish. ENORMOUS slabs of smoked fish. Could have been any kind of fish because smoke was the only thing it tasted like. We smoke things at home so its not like I just don't like smoked food.

      I've had some great sushi at Blue Fugu, but it became unpredictable and we haven't been back in a long time. I'd love to hear that the quality has improved; we miss Blue Fugu. They also have a Japanese grill room, which I haven't tried. That's in St. Pete Beach. There's a little Thai place in the same strip mall with Blue Fugu (where Publix is located) that I eat lunch at from time to time. I've had good meals there.

      There is a Mexican place on St. Pete Beach called Agave where we've had good meals. The lady who waited on me told me that they were from Oaxaca. Now I need to go back to Agave!

      Good chow to you!


      1. Excellent suggestions, everyone, thank you, I'm printing this out and putting it in the car for next time.! Keep 'em coming, too!

        1. I would second Agave.

          Also on Pass-A-Grille is Mozaic (tapas style) and Black Pearl (I think thats the name?).They are both on 8th avenue.

          1. We often eat breakfast at Benedicts, at the strip mall at Alt 19 and Dunedin Causeway, before heading out to Honeymoon Island. Their quiche is really good. And there's a number of good picks in downtown Dunedin, a short drive from Honeymoon Island (I've actually walked there and back from the causeway, but it's a hike on foot). Kelly's for Just about Anything and Casa Tina are our two favorites there. I particularly like the posole and enchiladas at Casa Tina. The frozen margaritas aren't bad, either! They will be moving soon into a much larger space next door to their current one.