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Feb 16, 2008 05:22 PM

What's your favorite brand of....

Ok. I'm on a chocolate kick lately. Just wondering what everyone's favorite brand (dark or milk) chocolate is, and why. Personally, I haven't met many chocolates i don't like. The only ones I really can't stand is Hershey's. It's to sweet and processed. Give me something smooth and dark that goes really well with a glass of red wine and a hot bubble bath!

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  1. oh gosh i'm a cali girl, so my loyalty for comfort chocolate is a see's bordeaux.

    1. Lindt or See's. I prefer dark chocolate but milk is good too. For baking Ghirardelli.

      1. Probably would have to be Green and Black's, especially the Maya Gold and the Dark chocolate with cherries. Mmm...:-) I also like Cadbury's, but only on occasion, since I try to only eat dark chocolate now. Toblerone is another occasional treat too.

        1. For boxed chocolates, I love See's candy.

          My boyfriend got me a box of Moonstruck chocolates for Valentine's day, and they're really nice.

          I am also a big fan of the large size of Hershey's Special Dark bar. Large size because I like the thickness, not just because I'm greedy!

          1. I love the truffle from Helen Grace, another southern cal company. But then again I also like Teuscher chocolates which are imported from Switzerland.