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Feb 16, 2008 05:08 PM

Authentic Irish Breakfast?

Anyone know where I can find a hearty Irish Breakfast: Irish bacon, sausage, several kinds of potatoes, eggs, roasted tomatoes, beans, pudding, sweet butter, the whole nine yards? I'm pretty flexible on location since I live in Morningside Heights and I'm far away from everywhere :-). Thanks for the help!

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  1. The Fitzpatrick Hotel on Lexington (between 56th and 57th) serves it up all day long. Irish run, many Irish staff and plenty of Irish guests.

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    1. I haven't discoverd any real standouts for an Irish Breakfast in NYC, but I do have a couple of old standby's. Puck Fair is pretty good. If you're ever in Boston, however, Gerard's in Dorchester or the L Street Diner in Southie all the way.

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        I had a really good Irish breakfast at St. Dymphna's pub on St. Mark's Place betw. Ave. A and 1st Ave. The bacon was outstanding-they also have black pudding-not my favorite. Great atmosphere.