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Jan 6, 2002 07:03 PM

New Location Crazy Tokoyo Sushi in Woodland Hills!!

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Those wacky 1/2 proce sushi guys have opened a 2rd location on ventura Blvd 1 blk east of Topnga, in the Ralphs shopping center! In the former location of "Joy of Tempura". I took my family there today for lunch and it was very good! Exceptionally clean, fish was fresh, service was still gettting broken in, though they have only been open for 5-7 days here.

The misa soup at this location was exceptionally better than at the other locations we noticed. And my "volcano scallop rolls" came to me a tad spicier than normal, but for me hotter=better!

My kids loved the tempura veggies! very light, and fresh!

Highly reccomend this chain if you live in Encino, Tarzana/Reseda, and now Woodland Hills. Even worth the drive from up to 10-15 miles if you like better than average non wallet erroding sushi! Great to help keep the family budget in line, and still eat somewhat healthy!

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