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Feb 16, 2008 04:22 PM

Is smokefree working in Paris?

Are the new smokefree rules in restaurants being followed? Would appreciate feedback from someone who has been there in 2008. Merci.

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  1. It's been wonderful!! Some people have grumbled, but it's been wonderful to enjoy your food without all the second hand smoke. If you need to a smoke, go outside. The outside tables are available for smokers. Many cafes have added extra outside heaters to accommodate those diners.

    1. I live here and yes, it's a whole new world. You can actually breathe in just about any cafe or restaurant.

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        Thank you both for your updated comments. We will be arriving soon!

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          wow. nice to hear.
          is this a france thing or a paris thing?

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            The whole country! Some of the owners are keeping squirt guns behind the bar to douse those who try to light up!

      2. It amuses me to see all of the outdoor tables full of smokers in the middle of winter, but the weather has been so nice that it is warm enough to sit outside under the heaters, even if you don't smoke.

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          Personally I hate the fact that a non smoker can never consider eating outdoor anymore since its the domain of the cancer sticks BUT since you can now eat in peace in a restaurant on this earth then it truly is a reason to celebrate.

        2. We just got back from a week in Paris and yes, every place we went was smoke free. It was amazing to see patron and even waiters going outside for a smoke. One tip though. A few places have enclosed their outdoor seating area in vinyl and permit smoking there. If they keep the entry door open it is esentailly letting all that smoke into the restaurant. Also, as the weather gets warm sidewalk cafes that have windows will open them and the outdoor smoke will drift inside. We found that going to places with no outdoor seating removed this as a potential problem.

          1. My husband and I were in Paris earlier this week and we were extremely pleased at the lack of cigarette smoke everywhere. I am highly allergic to smoke and have very unpleasant headaches/stomach aches when in the vicinity of cigarette smoke so visiting Paris this time around was, pardon the pun, like a breath of fresh air!