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Feb 16, 2008 04:21 PM

Traveling south from Memphis to New Orleans

Any suggestions on unusual, good places on the way to New Orleans to stop for lunch?

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  1. What type of place are you looking for? There are a lot of 'em!

    1. ...,And what time will you depart Memphis...How far down the road (I-55) will you be at lunch time...??

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      1. re: Uncle Bob

        I think we will be in the Jackson MS area unless there is a recommended place before that. Looking for a casual "different" type place, Much like you see on Food TV's Diners, Drive-In's and Dives. Thanks!

        1. re: eileenj115

          Well, there is High on the Hog- a BBQ place in Grenada- I've never actually eaten the BBQ there, the burgers are too good! Just take the Grenada exit, go east for a couple of miles and they will be on your right after you go through town.

          A little farther south is my favorite plate lunch place- it is called the Dutch Mill- there is no sign or anything. Take the Winona exit- go east- the road will make a kind of "Y"- you will want to go to the right- towards downtown Winona. Look for a cream colored brick building on your left (remember- no sign). The plate lunch is $5 including tax and including tea and dessert! Really good and you always get a couple of choices...

          If you make it as far as Canton, take the exit and go west, but make a quick left into the parking lot just before the Love's Truck Stop. There is a fancy oyster bar there that has really good plate lunches in the $8 range. If they have brisket, it is really, really good!

          If you get all the way to Jackson, take the Northside exit, go west (right) on Northside Drive, then take the first right (Mcwillie). Look to the right for Cool Al's, which is a burger joint like no other. These burgers are HUGE, and the sides are all great too- things like homemade potato chips, homemade sweet potato chips, etc. Everything is cooked to order, and as these burgers are so thick, it sometimes takes a litlle while, but I promise that it is worth the time. Oh, the owner happens to be a vegetarian, and has three different vegetarian burger offerings that are supposed to be great too (these are *not* your typical Boca Burgers), but I'm too much of a carnivore to have actually tried one of them.

          Hope this helps- there are a lot of other places along that stretch so I'm sure that some others will chime in!

      2. If you were tempted to stop in Grenada, there is also Jake and Rips. Just off the interstate going east (toward town) on the right. Great barbecue, great catfish, great everything. I wish Jackson had something like this.

        1. If you make it to Jackson try Walker's Drive Inn just off I-55 North. ( 3016 North State Street 601-982-2633).A historical 1950's era drive in that has been transformed into one of my top 5 or so restaurants in Mississippi! You'll be happy!!

          Have Fun & Enjoy!

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          1. re: Uncle Bob

            I love Walker's -- it's one of my favorite restaurants in Jackson. But don't be fooled by the name, it's not a dive. I second Clarkafella's rec for Cool Al's and would add the Cherokee Inn and the Agriculture Museum as funky, dive-type places for lunch in Jackson.

            1. re: pkimble

              Walker's is absolutely not a "dive" I agree as the name may imply. Also I second the Cherokee Inn. The owner has been a friend for 40+ years. Haven't been to the Ag Museum in forever. My last trip was definately "funky" however.

          2. My favorite place to stop on the way down to New Orleans is Tony's Hot Tamales in Jackson. It's in a bad part of town about 10 minutes off I-55, but it is very popular with police. They are the best tamales I've ever had, and you can watch them roll 'em while you eat at the bar. It's a definite chowhound spot. Also, when you get to Hammond, exit off on University Ave (left) and stop at the drive-thru daquiri bar (right side of the road about half a mile down), that is if you have a driver. The daquiris aren't particularly special, it's just fun to get one through a drive-thru. That always gets my New Orleans weekend started.

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              Tony's Tamales get my vote for the Best in the South!! An excellent choice if you like tamales.