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Feb 16, 2008 04:20 PM


Has anyone tried a new restaurant in the Palm Beach area called Chianti. It is supposed to be open for lunch and dinner and is located in a hotel in that area. It would be a real treat to have a kosher restaurant in this area. I love Bens New York Kosher in Boca Raton but that is the only kosher place with good food within reasonable distance from me. There is a small Israeli place in Lake Worth that has horrid food and service that is even worse. Thank you in advance for any responses.

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  1. I hear its nothing really special, plus its only open 3 days a week for a couple of hours.
    There is a Kosher New York Deli opening in Palm Beach Gardens on PGA Blvd. Its called Davids East Side Deli. They had a couple tastings already and it supposed to be real good authentic ny food. the deli meat swirls are amazing. They have a website
    Good luck

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      thank you for the feedback RE: Chianti....i did look at the web site for Davids in PBG.....selection looks good but prices are a bit high...i may still try it...i love Bens in Boca, the best hot brisket dinner with crispy latkes and egg barley...

    2. You are in for a treat.
      We are Ben's lovers (Boca - Clint Moore) and enjoy each visit. Here is another winner.

      There is a wonderful new kosher Israeli Restaurant called GRILL TIME - 8177 Glades Rd, just west of Turnpike in Boca. Tel 561 4823699.
      It is becoming very popular - expect crowds. Food was excellent, nice waiters (many Israeli). Let me know what you think.
      Has anyone eaten at the Chianti Restaurant in Palm Beach Hotel, Palm Beach? I believe they are only open Wed, Thurs and Sund evening.
      Allen S

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        thank you for your response re: chianti....i enjoy Bens very much especially their hot brisket dinners....i will have to try the Grill Time you mentioned one day....there is a very small israeli place near me in Greenacres that has the most horrid food, true Israeli girls who are 'supposed' to be waiting tables, and workers who i have seen place a tray of food on the floor in order to make space in their visual refrigerator for that tray instead of placing it on a counter.

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          We love Ben's in Boca and also tried Grill Time this week. Really excellent. They serve about 8 dishes with freshly made Israeli salads with pita bread and will happily give you more. I had a delicious Korean steak and my husband had the excellent mixed grill with a selection of vegetable dishes.

          Next door is a Kosher ice cream parlour which does Parev ice cream. Grill Time, in my opinion, is the best Israeli restaurant in the area. Do give it a try.

        2. Bestof Israel in Greenacres has gotten better. the israeli waitresses are gone,(one of them is a part owner of Chianti). there is also Pita and Grill off Palm Beach Lakes Blvd near the mall. Try both Helen

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            I will have to try Pita and Grill and then Grill Time. It's nice to have some options here for a change. It always amazes me that with all the Jewish people in my general West Palm Beach area there are so few choices. Do you know if Pita and Grill or Grill Time have web sites or menu in print on the web? I have started looking for cant seem to locate anything yet. Thank you both Janette and Helen..