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Feb 16, 2008 04:20 PM

Korean Buffets in Baltimore ?

I tried the search engine to little avail...I've been to the one across from the Towson library numerous times, trying to find some in the Balto area that I've missed.

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  1. Purim Oak (the buffet across the street from Towson library) has been closed for over a year. I think the only other Korean buffet in Baltimore is the New No Da Ji Restaurant (2501 N Charles Street). Typically Korean/sushi offerings; it won't kill you but it's not exactly fresh and/or good.

    1. i would forfeit the buffet idea and go for real korean offerings. not only would you get into the deeper catalogue of restaurants in this area, you would also get a nice lesson on authentic korean cuisine. seriously, there are some damn fine korean joints around here.

      1. Nam Kang on 20th is awseome! They do some korean buffet type meals there but typically it is order off the menu. The Garbi gets rave reviews by my korean coworker- I like all the side dishes and pickeled things