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Feb 16, 2008 04:12 PM

Good tasting menu at moderate price?

Hello! I am a major foodie, but money is tight in our family. For my birthday I was treated to the tasting menu at Uchi (absolutely superb).

We were sick on Valentine's day and now want to have a special date. What are other great tasting menus that are not too expensive? I saw that the Driskill Grill has one, but it was a bit too much for our family.

Any ideas? Thanks guys!

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  1. What about trying the culinary academy's restaurant Ventura, I think that is the name. Or, for something different the Peacock Lounge on the East side has started a cocktail pairing menu on the second Tues of the month for $60. I have included the link below.

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      That is Ventana at the Culinary Academy. It's usually a fun experience and typically the menu is creative and delish!!!

    2. The remarkable Driskill Bar Menu is available at half price Tuesday-Saturday with the Small plates available Tuesday - Thursday

      I think it is the best value in fine food in town. I try to go once a week.

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        at certain times? i thought you might be referring to happy hour specials.

      2. Zoot and Wink both have tasting menus. Neither are cheap, but both are cheaper than the Driskill's or Uchi's.