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Feb 16, 2008 03:24 PM

Brooklyn Heights Brunch

Looking for opinions on brunch at:

Jack the Horse Tavern



How are they?

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  1. I've never been to Jack the Horse Tavern, but Superfine is a personal favorite. In fact, I'm going there in about an hour!

    1. JtH has a fine brunch. They have a shrimp salad sandwich that's good. Very nice fresh baked scones.

      The vibe is very different between JtH and Superfine. The age of the clientele skews about 25-35 years older at JtH, probably reflecting the general demographic of Bklyn Heights vs. DUMBO.

      Superfine has a fine brunch, but IMHO, not Superfine. The service is usually quite poor, and the food is only decent. Though if you like live bluegrass music, Superfine delivers that.

      Better cocktails at JtH too (just have to wait until after noon on Sunday).

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      1. re: brooklyn1966

        JTH is average and overpriced. It's stuffy, and the service is spotty. The bar is fun but that does not make up for the food.

        Superfine has far better food, but below average service.

        Siggy's has a nice brunch too, but falls short on the service.

      2. I love the brunch at JTH. I like the choices and the ambiences. And the scones way too much!

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          Superfine's kitchen delivers a consistent product. You look young in your photo so I'd say you'd like the vibe better too. JTH is great for special events though.

          Will you report back?

          1. re: heightsfamily

            HeightsFamily said:

            "You look young in your photo..."

            Appearances can be deceiving -- I'm 37... almost 38. ;)

            (Though that photo was taken 2 or 3 years ago -- and maybe that's young to you. It's all relative I suppose.)

            Anyway, we walked past Jack the Horse and it looked... fine, but also lacked energy. Went down to Superfine where there was a 45 minute wait and a Bluegrass band starting up and we had some catching up to do so the music might've been a problem.

            We ended up at The Dumbo General Store where the food was just fine. Nothing to go out of your way for but if one isn't willing to wait 45 minutes, it hit the spot. Now I just need to get there one of these nights for the Mexican menu...