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Feb 16, 2008 02:43 PM

Where can I get a HUGE burrito for $6 or less?

I am on a budget and want to eat it for lunch and dinner. I am not picky, I even like chipotle, well sometimes. I don't care about driving. I am in Koreatown.


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  1. I just did a review of the Super Burrito aka Porn Burrito at El Atacor #11. One could easily get three meals out of it. It's $5.99. The carne asada didn't do that much for me but I would like to try it with carnitas and maybe even chicken.

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    1. re: Bon Vivant

      El Atacor's carnitas are fantastic. Some of the best in the area.

    2. I'm sorry if this sounds rude but, if you're not picky, isn't the answer to your question just about every other strip mall in L.A?

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      1. re: Bob Brooks

        I have never had a burrito from a place at a strip mall. Name a place and I will try it. Are strip mall burritos that big?

        1. re: LuluTheMagnificent

          Eduardo's on Westwood Blvd just south of Samo Blvd. Excellent burritos, 8 dollar range.

          1. re: broncosaurus

            Eduardo's burrito is very good, but even the border burrito, their largest, is really only one meal.

            1. re: Debbie W

              i LOVE eduardo's border burrito - chicken - but it's not enough for 2 meals. and it gets smaller and smaller as the years go by!

              1. re: Debbie W

                Agreed. Eduardo's is far from gigantic and is only a single meal. Eduardo's uses high quality steak and chicken, but is relatively expensive and tends to be more "gringo" oriented (i.e. the meat and chicken are simply char broiled and not spiced). Those who love authentic burritos better apply some serious salsa to compensate.

        2. Tere's Mexican Grill on SE corner of Melrose and Cahuenga is a very good option, and fairly neighborhood proximate. Love their Chile Relleno burrito, which is truly a meal in itself, and last time I had it was $6.25, meaning about a year or so ago.

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          1. re: carter

            I recommend Tere's, but not as a source for large portions.

            1. re: nakni

              Well, I was STUFFED and could not possibly have eaten anything more.

              1. re: nakni

                i agree... tere's is tasty, but i've never been close to stuffed there. i need a burrito and then about 2 baskets of chips just to get pleasantly full.

              2. re: carter

                carter, your post bussed me. I used the key words “Melrose” and “chili relleno” from your post and just did a chow search and found a post by David Kahn that I have been trying to find for a long time. It turns out that you are talking about the same burrito as Kahn posted about. I had it once from a friend who also read the post by David Kahn and brought it to me. We all can relate to the words by Kahn, “Lots of times I'll try someplace and think it's just okay, but kind of wonder, did I just get unlucky (or stupid) and fail to identify the one or two things they do extremely well?” Then he tried the chili relleno burrito at Tere's and reported that he found a winner. I could not recall the name of the place but now I will be able to go myself for that really good Chile Relleno burrito. My Thanks to carter and to Kahn.

                Tere's Mexican Grill
                5870 Melrose Ave
                Los Angeles, CA 90038-3700
                Phone: (323) 468-9345

                David Kahn Oct 03, 2005

              3. the mexican joint on Vermont and Santa Monica...the name escapes me, but they have a "big burrito" for about $5 that is absolutely massive.

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                1. re: TailbackU

                  El Gran Burrito

                  El Gran Burrito
                  4716 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029

                  1. re: Xericx

                    actually their burros are only $3 each unless you get meat only, then it is $4

                  2. re: TailbackU

                    Their burritos are not very big and they are getting smaller every year. =(

                    1. re: JeMange

                      I think they have an A rating and I have been going since they were back on Santa Monica a 1/2 block from Virgil. Never been sick.

                      1. re: rlsfoodie

                        Still only $3.50 for a regular burrito, it is a great value.

                        1. re: Burger Boy

                          the burritos are actually $4.50 now and like i said, it's getting smaller and smaller every year.

                    2. I'm guessing El Tepeyac has a gigantic burrito in this price range. Maybe one of her regulars will pipe up and confirm.

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                      1. re: broncosaurus

                        Sorry, I was just their, they have raised their prices tremendously, 3 of us ate and it was $44. I think the burros are around $8 on up.. My fave, the machacca plate is like $12.85, 2 years ago it was $9.

                          1. re: PommeDeGuerre

                            Prices went up manny sold the business to his daughter. Now they are open on tuesdays also.

                            1. re: Skunk2Racer

                              And the Salsa Verde is different, not as good, to bad. I hate to see a great institution slipping. I will still go, but not as often.