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Jan 6, 2002 03:12 AM


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what's your favorite beer? I have always liked san miguel dark. rich and nutty. it's not available in many places.

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  1. I overdosed on San Miguel when I was in the Philipines, since that's all they had there.

    I usually pick up Gordon Biersh Marzens at the Grocery. Also like MacTarnahan's. As far as Mexican beer, I try to stick with the Pacificos. Usually stick with Asahi's at Sushi joints, dunno...not great, but its there I guess. Recommend trying the Spaten Optimator. PRetty good, from what I remember. Also pick up the seasonal beers by Pete's wicked ale and Sam Adams.

    Had this awesome Rouge Ale Hazelnut Brown Nut beer when I was in oregon. Its a microbrewery based out of Newport, Oregon.

    Yardhouse in Long Beach has a LOT of beers on Tap. Thye have a big menu.

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      Joshua Gitelson

      My favorite reasonably available beer is called Xingu. It's a dark black, chocolatey stout that my wife likes to describe as Guinness without the edge. It's made in Brazil, but oddly, you can find it at most Ethiopian restaurants, expecially Nyala on Fairfax. You can also get it at Barney's Beanery in WeHo, and of course you can buy it at places like The Wine House (2311 Cotner Ave. in WLA) that have extensive beer sections.

      Other treats that you'll probably only find at The Wine House: Aecht Schlenkerle is a real German Rauchbier (or Smoke Beer) that will astound you, especially if you pair it with some good smoky sausages or barbecue; Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout is another good one...

      These are all dark; guess that's the mood I'm in. But I really recommend that you go to the Wine House and spend some time browsing their selection, maybe talking to the folks there, and picking a bunch of bottles you're interested in. A great field trip!

      1. McMenamins PURPLE HAZE is yummy. Have not found it's in Portland, OR.

        1. Leinenkugel's Honey Weiss (also the Berry Weiss) with a wedge of lemon in it. It's not available here, brewed in central Wisconsin, but it was the drink of choice throughout college.

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            hey, i was gonna say all that, including the bit about leine's being the beer of choice during college.

            i'm partial to their red, hefeweissen, and northwoods lager too. whenever i come back from wisconsin or minnesota my luggage includes a case of their beer. i am not a big girl, and i refuse to check baggage, so this has got to be good stuff if i'm willing to huff it along by hand.

          2. Hoegaarden! Can never find it anywhere, though. There's at least one restaurant in Santa Barbara that has it on tap.

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