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Feb 16, 2008 01:52 PM

Fun/Trendy Downtown Dallas Dining Option

I'm a foodie that has traveled across the country making my first visit to Dallas next weekend. I'm staying at the Magnolia hotel downtown, and am looking for a fun/hip/fusion restaurant to have my first meal there around 4pm on a Fri afternoon (early dinner!). I also love ethnic food or a good pizza/pasta/wine place and can take that over trendy or fusion. Fuse would fit the bill perfectly but I'm going there on Sat. And I also have plans for Iron Cactus already. Any other options to check out? I will have access to a car!


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  1. If money's not a problem, then Stephan Pyles.

    Warning you now, the food at Iron Cactus is pretty mediocre.

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      Stephan Pyles is always a good choice. Also check out the Dallas Fish Market in the old Jeroboam space. I would definitely skip Iron Cactus, it's good for a margarita and the rooftop view but that's about it.

    2. I would recommend skipping Iron Cactus for dinner as well.

      As for trendy, check out the restaurants at Victory Park right by American Airlines Center.

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      1. re: kelly2

        I wouldn't bother with Iron Cactus either except for drinks. A popular downtown option for Tex Mex is San Miguel's (akard - near Elm. it's just by the Dart rail (akard station) so u can't miss it. If you go after midday, there's always a line.

        Scene is great! they have a 3 course prix fixe for only $42 ($38 if you go early).

        Also Dallas Fish Market is a good choice. Lurve the modern decor.

        I'd also try Charlie Palmer's (main). they have great steaks there and yummy desserts.

      2. If you like pizza and wine, check out Coal Vines. Good pizza and about the right amount of trendy.

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          Monica's in Deep Ellum is a lot of fun on the week-ends