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Feb 16, 2008 01:23 PM

Where are people dining after the Pollan Lecture ?

Michael Pollan's lecture on Feb 27 if you are attending, where will 'Chowhounds go to eat afterwards?
Something appropos I suspect?

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  1. Haven't decided though I suspect we'll have to eat before... I don't think I could make it through the whole event, talking about food, if I haven't eaten! :)

    Four Seasons is decidedly inappropriate but probably where we'll end up!

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    1. re: kawarthagirl

      Good point kawarthagirl. You're some of the lucky ones to have bought your tickets well in advance. I was told yesterday that they 'SOLD OUT" the lecture 3 weeks ago when I tried to get my ticket at the Cookbook store
      sol not lol.

      1. re: fruglescot

        EXACTLY! Of course, a cocktail at the Avenue Bar probably isn't great on an empty stomach either but... hey... you only live once ;)

        1. re: fruglescot

          I only found out about the event from a friend who is subscribed to the Cookbook Store mailing list. i was able to get tickets but have not decided where to eat in the neighbourhood.

      2. Hadn't even thought of this.

        My vote is a collective takeover of Yakitori House.

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        1. re: SherylKirby

          I've never been there... where exactly is it?

          1. re: kawarthagirl

            Charles Street West, just east of Yonge.

            1. re: SherylKirby

              Doesn't that make it just west of Yonge? If it's the place I'm thinking of it's on the south side of Charles just east of the Manulife Centre. Is that it?

                  1. re: SherylKirby

                    So, did you make it to the lecture SK and to Okonomi House later?
                    I walked over and had the (corn fed) chicken teriyaki, soup and a Japanese beer.
                    QW? There was even a real Japanese waitress there!

          2. Not that I'm attending... I always say if you want to eat healthy, eat like a farmer or at least like your grandma. In any case, I would think the most appropriate place to dine would be at home enjoying a home cooked meal from fresh, non-prepackaged ingredients. As an alternative, 2nd most appropriate near the ROM would be L'Unita. Locally sourced ingredients, Ontario wine, healthy Italian food.

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            1. re: Googs

              good thoughts,......better recommendations!

            2. I'm going to pick up some takeout McDonald's on the way, and then sit in the front row and eat it while Pollan speaks.

              1. OUT IN THE COLD
                I attended the Michael Pollan lecture tonight (Wednesday) without a ticket. Well, I stood outside the ROM south entrance, stood outside braving the weather with my little hand crafted sign reading "NEED TICKET TO MICHAEL POLLAN CONCERT" and stood outside taking flak from those people who could not comptehend plain English, Those people who viewed me as a scalper trying to sell overpriced lecture tickets.
                Finally, I met a very considerate Chowhound (with a bowtie on) named Eldridge. hwas with a lady friend Caro(l) and a male friend Robert.They were all great and friendly folks.
                Eldridge had tickets for his friends and understood that he did not have enough friends who would show, than entrance tickets. When he saw me out there in the bitter night air with my sign he offered a ticket. "NO CHARGE" although I did offer him the $10 price. He would not think of taking it. What a guy! a real classy gentleman!
                The lecture was a bit late starting but if you haven't experienced M. Pollan live you wouldn't know how personable he is and how he handles a restless crowd, so easily
                with his personable brand of humour. He addressed the crowd initially and then the lecture moved to a general discussion/interview with CBC RADIO'S Matt Galloway
                tossing out the provocative queries.
                All in all it was a very entertaining evening of just over an hour and I got my copy of OD autographed and managed to get two questions in at the signing table.

                OH, and btw I ate at "OKONOMI House" following the lecture.
                a long time favourite. I had Chicken Teryaki, a bowl of noodle soup (cup of soup) and a Kirin Japanese beer. $15.+Tip
                Finally, to those Chowhounds who would have liked to attend the Pollan Lecture but
                like myself,did not have tickets and who may have considered going begging but were repulsed by the cold weather or otherwise I will just say one word....... "blooie"! You could've had a free ticket too..

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                1. re: fruglescot

                  Great review, fruglescot! Thank you for filling in the details for those of us who missed out. I saw Pollan on the City TV morning show and on CBC's The Hour, and when I saw how personable and entertaining he was I was even more disappointed that I didn't get a ticket. Maybe next time he'll speak at the Skydome (oops, sorry, "Rogers Centre") where we can all get in ;)

                  And to keep this on chow topic, the Okonomi House is great. I've only ever had their okonomiyaki -- glad to hear their other offerings are worthwhile, too.